If You Thought “CRT” Was Bad, Wait Until You Hear About Its Wicked Stepsister “SEL”

If You Thought “CRT” Was Bad, Wait Until You Hear About Its Wicked Stepsister “SEL”

As the right works hard to rid our school systems of the toxic and racist Critical Race Theory (CRT), the left has its wicked stepsister waiting in the wings.


I am guessing you’ve never heard of SEL, but you will…it’s the replacement for CRT, and it’s just as bad, maybe even worse.

Here’s how the left defines Social Emotional Learning:

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a skill-development process through which we learn how to manage emotions, problem solve, and create positive relationships with others. Just as students learn how to multiply and divide, SEL skills can be learned. Though it is important to understand, Social and Emotional Learning does not impose a particular way of being. Instead, students are nurtured to connect with, embrace, and comprehend their own emotions.

Sure… do you actually believe the left will encourage Trump-supporting kids to embrace their MAGA emotions?

Really? Give me a break…

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I mean, now, we’re really getting into some serious brainwashing with emotions and feelings, aren’t we?

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This is nonsense, and once again, we have to ask, why are schools teaching kids about emotions and feelings? This is stuff parents, and religious leaders should do, not “woke” blue-haired teachers with 167 piercings.

Why can’t these ghoulish teachers just teach reading, writing, and arithmetic?

I’ll tell you why, because they have a political agenda.

Bizpacrewview reported that a Republican lawmaker in Oklahoma is sounding the alarm on what he says is just the “wicked woke stepsister of” Critical Race Theory.

Oklahoma state Senator Shane Jett has proposed legislation to prohibit the teaching of so-called Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in K-12 public schools. The Oklahoma State Department of Education (DOE) is using the seemingly nice sounding name “Social and Emotional Learning” to implement the curriculum as a loophole in a state law that restricts teaching concepts like CRT, according to Jett.

Jett believes his bill, if passed, would shut that loophole and keep SEL out of public schools.

“Once my eyes were open to SEL bypassing CRT and additionally bringing in this gender chaos ideology, that was the impetus for me writing the SEL bill,” Jett told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“CRT was the buzzword for last year, SEL is its wicked woke stepsister that’s basically a good sounding name to bring in Marxist brainwashing ideology into the classroom,” he added. “We don’t want our kids brainwashed, we don’t want our kids taught to be racist and we certainly don’t want them to be taught Marxist ideology.”


CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. Its adherents pursue “antiracism” through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies.

Jett believes the effort to implement SEL is being pushed from the top down, starting with the Oklahoma DOE. The DOE currently promotes SEL materials on its website, which contains links to resources such as the “Hate Crimes Prevention Center.”

However, this link leads to The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR), which claims that “hate is on the rise” due to attacks targeting “immigrants, communities of color, and religious minorities … under the Trump administration’s watch.”

And there you have it… once again, there is no “independent thinking” or “private emotions” in the left’s progressive religion.

You either embrace the left-wing doctrine, or you’re a racist, bigoted scumbag, who will be brainwashed into submission.

So, SEL will now teach your kids how to feel and process emotions using a progressive prism.

It’ll look something like this: “Oh, little Johnny feels like it’s not fair for illegals to cross the border? Well, those emotions are wrong, SEL says Johnny needs to embrace diversity because it’s his strength.”

You can already imagine exactly how it’ll play out… get ready, the battle is just beginning…


Trust me, the left won’t give up until they have your kid’s soul in a jar, on their shelf.

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