Issa Just Picked Up The Scent On Hunter’s Laptop From Hell, and He’s Now 100% Convinced…

Issa Just Picked Up The Scent On Hunter’s Laptop From Hell, and He’s Now 100% Convinced…

The Hunter Biden investigation just continues to bury Joe further and further into the political abyss from hell.

And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving crook.


It seems like every day there’s another devastating piece of evidence that links Joe closer to Hunter’s business dealings, and today was no exception.

But before we get to the latest “As The Hunter Biden Turns” soap opera, I’d like to remind you that this is not a “right wing” hit on Hunter. This is the left doing what they can to get rid of Joe before 2024.

But Dems are going to have a really serious problem…

Because a recent poll shows only 19 percent of people want Joe Biden to run in 2024. That’s awful… however, that same poll showed only 7 percent want Kamala to run.

Yes, I said 7.

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So, the Dems need to get rid of Joe and then Kamala next. One loser at a time, I suppose.

And speaking of losers, Darrell Issa was investigating one of the biggest duds of all time… Hunter.

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Issa took to Twitter to reveal that he’s now looked over Hunter’s laptop for the very first time, and he’s convinced that a Congressional investigation needs to be launched against the Biden family ASAP.

Here’s what Issa said: “Finishing my first review of the documents on the Hunter Biden laptop. I’m even more certain we need a Congressional investigation into the Biden family’s selling of access to China and other foreign interests.”

That there hasn’t been a formal investigation into this is flabbergasting, and we can thank social media for that… They hid this disgusting crime from the American people.

But what is even more ridiculous is that the White House is still dodging Joe’s involvement at every turn.


As Fox News reported, Jen Psaki continued to deny reporters’ concerns about whether President Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s business transactions when he was vice president.

When asked if the president had ever spoken with his son’s business associates about Hunter’s business transactions by Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich on Wednesday, Psaki answered, “Nothing has changed from yesterday’s statement. The president avoids interfering in his son’s economic operations.”

“Even though his son’s business partners?” Heinrich asked.

“He’s not involved in his son’s business dealings,” Psaki responded.

Good grief, these people must think Americans have turnips growing out of their ears.

How much longer do they expect us to believe this bologna?


It’s all going to catch up to Joe and Hunter… very soon.

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