This New 2022 Data Reveals Dems Are Cratering Worse Than Anyone Imagined

This New 2022 Data Reveals Dems Are Cratering Worse Than Anyone Imagined

Just when Dems thought things couldn’t get any worse, the entire bottom has fallen out of the 2022 midterms, and they’re still about 6 months away.


Dave Wasserman, editor of the “non-partisan” Cook Political Report just delivered an absolute death blow to Dems.

In short, the bad news about mid-terms just turned into a political death spiral for Dems.

Races that were leaning D or “solid” D, are now changing to Lean R or “toss-up.”

It’s a catastrophic blow. 

Here’s what Dave said: “NEW at @CookPolitical: we’ve made eight House rating changes, all in Republicans’ direction – including three Dem incumbents moving from Lean D to Toss Up.”

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And Annie Black, a Republican candidate in Nevada’S 4th district said this: “NV-04 has switched from lead D to a toss up. Nevadans are sick and tired of Biden and Pelosi’s Rubber Stamp Steven Horsford. We’re going to flip the 4th in November and save our country.”

Dave goes on to say: “after today’s changes, there are 27 Dem-held seats in Toss Up or worse, vs. just 12 GOP-held seats in Toss Up or worse. And, this disparity is certain to widen once FL/NH complete redistricting. ”


Democrat voters are scared. Here’s what they’re saying online:

“This all feels so hopeless. What happened?” 

“I can feel the anger against Dems in the air. You go out in public and people make Biden jokes and everyone laughs. It’s bad” 

“I don’t know how everything went wrong. Trump is gone, why aren’t people satisfied with that. I am” 

“It’s going to be a bloodbath for us. Pray for America, she needs it” 

“Why couldn’t Biden just govern from the center? It didn’t need to be this bad.”

“The GOP will take control back and end elections in this country” 

“America really gonna need a Merrick Garland October surprise to survive this. I am so scared” 

“The polls have been off for years. We have all seen it with our own eyes. This is not real. America isn’t this stupid. Believe” 

It’s shocking how out of touch and far from reality a lot of these Democrats are.

Some of them see what’s coming, some will be shocked.


Either way, there will be a lot of liberal tears, and that’s always a good thing.

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