SCOTUS Delivers Another Major “Election Blow” to Pelosi and Dems

SCOTUS Delivers Another Major “Election Blow” to Pelosi and Dems

Score another big “election win” for the good guys.


And trust me, the Dems are seething over this latest victory — and it comes directly from the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Dems thought they could pull some sneaky stuff in Wisconsin with their “re-districting maps,” which is just another form of cheating.

But Republicans took them to court and won.

Daily Wire reported that the U.S. Supreme Court sided with Wisconsin Republicans challenging “redistricting” efforts from Democrats in the state, throwing out legislative maps drawn by Democratic Governor Tony Evers and adopted by its highest court, The Washington Post reported.

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The Supreme Court granted a Republican request to block new maps that “increased the number of state Assembly districts with a majority of Black voters from six to seven,” Reuters reported. “The court sent that case back to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and ordered it to adopt new maps laying out the various districts.”

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court “committed legal error in its application of decisions of this Court regarding the relationship between the constitutional guarantee of equal protection and the VRA (Voting Right Act),” the opinion said, adding that the state court “believed that it had to conclude only that the VRA might support race-based districting — not that the statute required it. … Our precedent instructs otherwise.”
“The question that our VRA precedents ask and the court failed to answer is whether a race-neutral alternative that did not add a seventh majority-black district would deny black voters equal political opportunity,” the majority wrote.


The Wisconsin court “is free to take additional evidence if it prefers to reconsider the Governor’s maps rather than choose from among the other submissions. Any new analysis, however, must comply with our equal protection jurisprudence,” it added.

Vox reported that the high court used a process known as “summary reversal” to toss the maps, “meaning that the Court tossed out the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision completely without receiving full briefing or hearing oral arguments.”


Liberal Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan dissented from the majority.

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