[VIDEO] Huge Crowd Chants “Boycott Disney” Outside Their Burbank HQ

[VIDEO] Huge Crowd Chants “Boycott Disney” Outside Their Burbank HQ

A crowd of hundreds peacefully gathered in front of Disney HQ in Burbank, California to protest the “woke” company that is targeting children and “grooming” them to be part of the LGBTQ lifestyle.


That’s what a new video clip showed, of Disney workers and execs committed to fishing the “queer” and LGBTQ lifestyle on kids.

Needless to say, decent parents have a real issue with their kids being used as sexual and political pawns in the left’s LGBTQ agenda.

There is no reason to sexualize anything pertaining to kids, yet this seems to be the new “theme” with the left.

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And parents are mad… So, hundreds flooded the Disney HQ in Burbank, chanting “Boycott Disney.”

You can watch the video below:

One Disney worker said it’s gotten increasingly hard to be a conservative and work for the progressive/woke company.

We saw the same thing happen with big tech. Teachers and nurses are becoming the same way, too.

It’s this “progressive hive mind” mentality.



Here’s what people online are saying:

“What Disney has done is unforgivable the children they have hurt is unforgivable they need to burn in hell from the top to the bottom.”

Sweet sweet freedom! #BoycottDisney

“After 40 years of going to Disney yearly, you lost my family. Your behavior cannot and will not be tolerated. If you are lucky disney in China will keep you afloat. Traitors.”

“Disney destroyed their brand and legacy. They hurt #boys and #girls to pander to #LGBTQ #wokeMob

“THIS is the kind of energy, mobilization, and passion we need to win back the heart of this nation.”

“Excellent news. These corrupt political arms of the Democrat party need a dose of reality. Americans are tired of the carnage on American life and they have had enough.”

There’s been a “predator” problem at Disney for quite some time. And before the left started embracing “grooming,” they actually spoke out for children.


If there’s ever been a “hill” to die on, this is it.

If we don’t fight for the innocent kids, the left will swallow them whole.


This is the war for our nation’s soul…so suit up and fight hard, and boycott all things, Disney.

No excuses, folks, you can’t sit this one out.

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