[VIDEO] Car Crashes Into Moped Rider at McDonald’s, Sparking “Wild West-Style” Brawl

[VIDEO] Car Crashes Into Moped Rider at McDonald’s, Sparking “Wild West-Style” Brawl

A crazy scene unfolded at a Dorchester McDonald’s when a car careened into a moped driver in the parking lot.


Patrons filmed the entire “wild west” fight from a diner just across the way.

WCVB reported that video shared with NewsCenter 5 shows a car driving toward a group of motorcyclists and striking one person on a motorbike in a McDonald’s parking lot in Dorchester, which sparked a fight in the Boston neighborhood.

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Boston police said they received a report about a fight in the parking lot of the McDonald’s restaurant at 515 Gallivan Blvd. shortly after 7 p.m. Saturday.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found a heavily-damaged red Honda sedan that had fallen down a small embankment.

Police said two people involved in the fight suffered minor injuries. No arrests have been made in connection with this case.

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The video shows the red Honda turning quickly into the McDonald’s parking lot, driving right into a group of people on motorbikes, striking one of them and continuing through a metal fence.

A person is then seen throwing rocks through the driver’s side window of the car, smashing a hole in the glass. The driver of the car then gets out of the vehicle and punches are then thrown.

Michael Nader said he was driving home through Dorchester after visiting family and was passing by the McDonald’s at the intersection of Gallivan Boulevard and Granite Avenue as the fight was unfolding.


“It was pretty chaotic. Just people running all over the place and people were just … one guy was getting beaten with helmets,” said Nader, who took photos of the scene from inside his truck. “It was just craziness. It was chaos.”

You can watch the video below:

Police say the car’s ignition was still running when they found it and that they found several large rocks inside, all the windows of the car were damaged, the bumper had fallen off in the parking lot, and there were scratches inside the car.

Police said in the report that they met two victims in the McDonald’s bathroom. They said both victims had head injuries and were bleeding.

One victim started coughing up blood all over the sidewalk.

The passenger in the car that hit the mopeds said they had been driving down the street when they saw a group of mopeds weaving in and out of traffic.

She said she lowered her window and asked the moped riders to let the car through, but that they then began throwing rocks at the car. She said the car had rear-ended another car during that time and so they had called 911.

She told police that they then tried to pull over, but were assaulted by the moped riders, who were both male and female and of varying ages.


Witnesses said they saw the mopeds weaving in and out of traffic, driving erratically, and throwing rocks at the red sedan.

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