One of The Top US Pollsters Explains President Trump’s Endorsement of Dr. Oz

One of The Top US Pollsters Explains President Trump’s Endorsement of Dr. Oz

Many people were shocked and angered over President Trump’s recent endorsement of Dr. Oz for Senate.


Oz is definitely not a staunch America First “conservative.”

He’s pushed transgenderism with kids, gun control, masks, and other putrid liberal agenda items and as a result, he’s irked a lot of conservatives. They rightfully think Oz is just another Romney or Murkowski.

I will tell you, I dislike Dr. Oz as a politician, but that’s because I am a very hardcore America First voter.

But apparently, the people in Pennsylvania disagree with me.

If you look online, most of the right-wing blue checks, who are also very pro-America First, dislike Dr. Oz, so, the vibe on social media has been very negative towards him.

However, once again, I am reminded that Twitter isn’t the “real world” and views online that exist in a “bubble” don’t always represent what’s actually happening on the ground.

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Because according to Richard Baris, one of the top pollsters in the United States, Dr. Oz is not only favored to win the primary in PA but the Senate seat as well.

And that’s coming not just from Baris, but also his trusted polling source on the ground in PA.

Here’s what he said: “If the chatter around @DrOz is correct, then he will be favored to win. Not just the primary, but period. Jim at @SusquehannaPR, the only other pollster I trust other than myself in the Keystone State, finds similar Generic leads for Republicans in the upper chamber.”


So, basically what Baris is saying here is that President Trump is looking at the polling on the ground and he sees Oz is going to win the primary, so he’s throwing his weight behind him to help secure the seat in the general.

This makes sense and is the logical thing to do.

I think many people online are confused because they saw a lot of stories about Oz’s campaign cratering – I saw them too and believed them, but I guess that was just wishful thinking by the loyal America First base who doesn’t want to see another “Romney” or “Murkowski.”

Sadly, sometimes, there’s no way around it.

Having lived in Utah, a staunchly “red state,” I can tell you it’s NOT an “America First” state — it’s very much an establishment RINO type state. Hardcore MAGA candidates won’t win in Utah, so you either take a RINO who will cause you problems and stall you sometimes, but who will also vote with you most of the time… or you go with a Dem who will probably never vote with you.

This is the truth about politics, and why Manchin and Sinema do what they do in their states.


Sure, they frustrate Dems a lot, but in the end, they support the left’s agenda most of the time.

That looks to be the situation we’re in with Oz, so please, cut President Trump some slack.

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