Openly Gay Teacher Accused of Sending Nude Selfies to Young Students

Openly Gay Teacher Accused of Sending Nude Selfies to Young Students

There is a culture war going on over the soul of our nation’s kids.


The degenerate left is coming for the kids hard, with a slew of “woke” and perverted teachers, who are hell-bent on thrusting the LGBTQ agenda down their throats.

We see it day in and day out, these blue-haired teachers, forcing kids to pledge allegiance to the Gay Pride flag and teaching them progressive CRT trash.

The good news is, these dangerous predator teachers can’t stop outing themselves online, so they’re getting easier to spot, but the bad news is they’re causing a lot of harm to innocent children.

The latest disturbing story involves an openly gay teacher, nude selfies, and students.

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The Salem, Oregon teacher’s name is Dwight Wright, and he’s an openly gay man, who is now under criminal investigation for allegedly sending a nude selfie to students on social media.

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KOIN reported that a Judson Middle School teacher in Salem is on paid administrative leave after the school received a report of an inappropriate image believed to be a staff member being shared on social media, according to the Salem-Keizer School District.

The district confirmed to KOIN 6 News that Dean Wright at Judson Middle School was placed on paid administrative leave on Monday, March 28.

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In a letter to families, Alicia Kruska – the school’s principal – called the report “concerning” and said she received the report on Monday. The email went on to say that staff believe that the image was viewed by some students.

Wright was placed on leave as a “standard process for allegations involving employees.”


“Please know that the safety and well-being of your student is our top priority, which is why we take all reports seriously,” said Kruska the message obtained by KOIN 6 News. “Support is always available for students at school should they have any concerns. If there is a specific concern involving your student, we will contact you directly.”

Mr. Wright is “most proud” of teaching kids about “pronouns.”

What happened to just teaching kids, reading, writing, and arithmetic?

These people have no right to teach kids social/political issues and certainly, no business pushing their sexual lifestyle on children.


If we don’t purge these predators from our public schools, our kids are doomed.

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