[VIDEO] This Short Clip Has People Convinced The “Easter Bunny” Was a “Biden Handler” in Disguise

[VIDEO] This Short Clip Has People Convinced The “Easter Bunny” Was a “Biden Handler” in Disguise

This might sound crazy, but many people have come to this conclusion: they think the White House Easter Bunny was actually a “Biden Handler” in disguise.


I know, it sounds absurd, but I think you might entertain the idea after you watch this short clip from the Easter Egg Roll on Monday.

Joe appeared to be having one of his rough “dementia days,” on Monday. This really isn’t surprising, since that damning handshake he had with “thin air” happened just a few days before.

It feels like Joe’s condition is getting worse by the day.

We also just found out that the Bidens spent Easter at Camp David, and they didn’t leave the compound, not even to attend Easter Mass, which is very odd.

During Monday’s Easter Egg Roll, Jill stuck to Joe like glue, and she was treating him like a hapless child, and in turn, that’s how Joe was behaving. He seemed more lost and disengaged than usual.

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At one point, you can see Joe in a crowd of people, and it appears that right as Joe mutters about “Afghanistan” the Easter Bunny comes barreling over and literally moves Joe out of the way.

Biden actually looks scared and then annoyed by how swiftly the Bunny ushered him away.

Can’t have Joe going off-script…

After watching this, many people believe the Bunny was an official Biden Handler.

It was probably Susan Rice… lol


You can watch the video below:

Here’s a slow-mo version of Joe’s reaction:

That was odd, wasn’t it?

Many people thought so:

“Watching the Easter Bunny rescue the Dumb Bunny!”

“He’s scared of the Easter Bunny. “

“It’d be funny if it was not so embarrassing”

“Was that Kamala in there or Psaki?”

“It was the bunny’s job to keep him away from the children!”

“He looked absolutely terrified of that of that bunny” 

“A giant bunny is running the most powerful country on earth”

“A damn bunny rabbit is telling the President of the United States to shut up & go away”

“Saved by a hare! POS!”


That definitely looked very strange.

But then again, EVERYTHING with the Biden clown show is a circus.

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