GOP Top Leadership Now Going After The “Big Guy” On Twitter

GOP Top Leadership Now Going After The “Big Guy” On Twitter

By now, pretty much everyone knows who the “Big Guy” is, right?


Although, there is some debate, still.

While most people agree that Joe Biden is the “Big Guy,” others think it’s Obama, and Biden was the “Chairman” name Hunter also mentioned.

I disagree, for only one very specific reason: like him, or hate him, Obama is way too smart and slick to get into business with a loser crackhead and a man who has mush for brains. I’m sorry, it’s just not gonna happen.

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If Obama wanted to sell access to himself (and I’m sure he did) he could do it a lot better on his own. Barack Obama is a snooty intellectual who thinks he’s the smartest man in the room. Everyone knows Joe Biden is the biggest clown in the room. Obama doesn’t respect Joe Biden, and he’d never risk life, limb, and reputation hooking up with him and his idiotic son on anything.

And nobody can convince me otherwise.

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So, while it may sound “reasonable” to think Obama is the “Big Guy” on the surface, if you really understand how these two operated for 8 years together, and their dynamic, as countless observers and insiders have written and spoken about, you’d know it’s just not workable.

Joe Biden is the “Big Guy” in his own mind, and the foggy mind of his half-baked son.


And that brings me to a tweet I saw today from Rep. Elise Stefanik, where she played a little “telephone” game with Biden.

Here’s what Elise said on her Twitter account: “Joe Biden is the “Big Guy.” Pass it on.”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Cornpop calls himself the big guy” 

“Everyone knows who the big guy is” 

“And don’t forget, Hunter calls him “my chairman” as well” 

“Yeah and he should be in prison.”

“There were 2 big guys Obama and Biden.”

“If only it was 10% for the little guy we might all get a check”

“I am pretty sure Biden will pardon his son.”

“Damn right he is!!! Now let’s do something about that pile of dementia- get a conviction against him, and impeach his sorry ass!!!”

I think it’s a good thing to keep hammering away at Joe like this. It’s about all the right can do at the moment.


Once they regain control of Congress, they can switch gears from “Twitter games” to actual “jail justice.”

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