Word on The Street: Elon Musk Has a “Mole” Sitting On Twitter’s Board Right Now

Word on The Street: Elon Musk Has a “Mole” Sitting On Twitter’s Board Right Now

Many people believe Elon Musk is going to make a Tender Offer to shareholders in an effort to buy up their shares and bypass the poison pill in his ongoing effort to gain control of Twitter.


And, the latest rumor going around is that Elon has a secret weapon that he’s using against the Twitter board right now.

According to the scuttlebutt, Elon has a mole on the Twitter board, right now, as we speak…

That could mean “game over” for Parag, Twitter’s new CEO, who’s leading the fight against Elon.

Western Journal reported that according to the New York Post, Musk is attempting to bring in other investors to help bolster his bid to take the company.

“Sources close to the matter” said that a partnership could be announced “within days,” the Post reported Friday.Among the list of potential partners to team up with Musk is private-equity firm Silver Lake Partners. The two parties already have a working history.

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According to the Post’s sources, the firm had previously planned to invest with Musk in 2018 when he attempted to take Tesla private.

The co-CEO of Silver Lake, Egon Durban, is a Twitter board member who personally “led Musk’s deal team” in 2018, the sources said.

Silver Lake declined the Post’s request for comment, as did a representative for Musk himself, the Post reported.

Such a partnership would circumvent Twitter’s attempts to block Musk’s acquisition of the company, according to The Post.


“For its part, Twitter on Friday adopted a so-called poison pill — a corporate move that prevents Musk from acquiring more than 15% of the company,” the Post reported.

“But that pill may not stop other entities or people from acquiring their own shares of up to 15% of the company. Those owners could partner with Musk to force a sale, make changes in the executive ranks or push for other overhauls of the company.”

Aron Solomon from Esquire Digital told Western Journal that he thinks Elon will make a series of quick moves to try to get his hands on Twitter as soon as possible.


He’s not interested in dragging this out, Solomon says, and if you blink, you might miss his next move.

And if Elon has a “mole” on the board who’s working with him, he’s got a huge ace up his sleeve and that “move” could come very quickly.

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