Elon Musk Posts Cryptic “Elvis” Tweet, Hinting at His Next Big Move

Elon Musk Posts Cryptic “Elvis” Tweet, Hinting at His Next Big Move

As you likely know by now, the communists on the Twitter board unleashed a “poison pill” to stop Elon from purchasing the company and bringing back free speech.


The poison pill is a last-ditch/desperate move, that will undoubtedly “hurt” the company, which is why it’s called a “poison pill.” But that’s how desperate the Regime is to keep its secrets safe and its propaganda weapon intact.

But many suspected Elon had planned for Twitter to make the “poison” move. He’s a billionaire, of course he did. He always had a “Plan B,” and today, thanks to his cryptic “Elvis” tweet, we likely know exactly what that next move is…

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Here’s what Elon said in a tweet he put out yesterday:

“Love Me Tender.” And he added two musical notes. It’s a song by Elvis, but it also means something else…

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It looks as if Elon’s “Plan B” is a Tender Offer.

And I am sure your next question is: What’s a Tender Offer?

Well, a Tender Offer occurs when an investor proposes buying shares from every shareholder of a publicly-traded company for a certain price at a certain time. The tender offer is typically set at a higher price per share than the company’s current stock price, providing shareholders a greater incentive to sell their shares.

The goal is to entice shareholders to sell at this juicier high price so they can make quick money and get out… especially in this case, since Twitter’s board doesn’t care one iota if they tank the company. Clearly, this is about power and controlling the narrative for them, not making money.


But the shareholders do care about making money, so let’s see if Elon will be successful with this “Plan B” move of his.

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