Here Are The 3 Likely Outcomes to Unfold After Twitter Just Unleashed Their “Poison Pill”

Here Are The 3 Likely Outcomes to Unfold After Twitter Just Unleashed Their “Poison Pill”

Most people agree — Twitter has a lot of secrets they want to keep hidden.


Why else would they drop the “poison pill” to block Elon Musk, who made a fair — actually lucrative — offer to shareholders?

Instead of accepting Elon’s premium offer, Twitter’s board members are planning to dilute the company by giving insiders a “sweet deal.”

This blatantly violates fiduciary duty and should be illegal… let the lawsuits begin.

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The “poison pill” blocks Elon from purchasing any more stock. The board has to give its approval for stock purchases from one of the main stockholders, now.

Obviously, Elon expected this… And he has a “Plan B.”

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One Twitter user, who is a “political commentator,” talked about what happened and shared the three likely outcomes:

Twitter is hoping to frustrate Elon out of his offer by imposing roadblocks like a post-offer poison pill. This is a defense tactic. 3 likely outcomes: 1. Twitter ends up in a shareholder derivative suit for breach of fiduciary duty for not properly evaluating the entire (1) fairness of Elon’s offer.

2. Twitter is “in play” meaning the board has to execute a sales process to find the highest bidder. 3. Elon launches a proxy battle & teams up with other major shareholders to takeover Twitter (more traditional hostile takeover approach)

If you’re a Twitter board member, you’re going to have a lot of sleepless nights coming up.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“I think there is a legitimate option 4 – he leaves Twitter as a platform and moves to a competing platform- I think that would significantly hurt the value of Twitter. If he also got someone like Kanye to make the jump it could really shift user numbers”

“Why won’t the Twitter board let the shareholders vote? What about Democracy?”

“Twitter’s insiders essentially just decided to screw over their shareholders, crash their stock, and open the company up to massive lawsuits just to prevent Elon Musk from running Twitter in a way that won’t rig elections or censor their political opponents.”

“This might be the best way to send in the regulators. I’ve been saying this for a couple of years. Regulate big tech the same way we regulate big banks.”

“Elon has weighed out ALL options and responses before he ever invested. Remember, he blows things just to figure out what causes problems and then gets final results.”

“Class-action fiduciary violation lawsuits will bury and destroy twitter. Can’t wait to see it!!!”

“The media is literally going to say that Twitter is ‘saving democracy’ by refusing to allow the shareholders to *vote* on Elon’s deal”

Elon knew this was an option – a likely one – he, like everyone else, knows Twitter is hiding something, and they’ll risk tanking everything and taking it to the bottom of the sea before they allow their secrets out.

So, what will Elon do next?


We’ll know soon enough…. stay tuned.

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