Elon Musk: The Far Left Hates Everyone But I’m No Fan Of The Far Right Either

Elon Musk: The Far Left Hates Everyone But I’m No Fan Of The Far Right Either

Elon Musk is going ballistic on Thursday and Friday tweeting about the demise of the modern “Democratic Party and how they have been seized by fanatics.” “I backed Obama for President wholeheartedly, but the Democratic Party has been seized by fanatics today,” Musk said. He also slammed the far right too. Actress Valerie Bertinelli tweeted in response to Musk’s remark, “I’m not sure who or what has been brainwashing you, but wake up and think for yourself.” “Imagine believing the Democrats are the extremists and not the party that tried a coup for a racist game show star,” Aaron Rupar…

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