Just One Hour After Elon Bought Twitter, The WH Made Their First Move…

Just One Hour After Elon Bought Twitter, The WH Made Their First Move…

The White House refused to comment directly on Elon Musk buying Twitter, but they got their feelings across, anyway…


Just one hour after it was confirmed that Elon’s deal was going to go through, the White House began talking about reforming section 230.

Wow, that didn’t take long, did it?

“Elon Musk bought Twitter like an hour ago and Psaki announced the White House is already looking into reforming section 230. Are you paying attention yet?”

In all fairness, this White House has been talking about a lot regarding social media. They’ve wanted Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to implement even more censorship in order to stop what they call the “spread of misinformation.”

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Others call it “sharing views that differ from the Regimes official messaging.”

The White House doesn’t want anyone talking about alternate ways to cure or treat COVID… which is absurd. As a so-called “free society” we should be able to discuss whatever the hell we want.

But the Regime is desperate to control the narrative and push its agenda, so alternate ways of thinking are forbidden.

Reuters reported that the White House declined to comment on billionaire Elon Musk’s deal on Monday to buy Twitter Inc (TWTR.N), but said that President Joe Biden has long been concerned about the power of social media platforms.

“Our concerns are not new,” said White House spokesperson Jen Psaki.

“The president has long talked about his concerns about the power of social media platforms, including Twitter and others, to spread misinformation.”

She said the White House would not comment on an individual transaction.


The White House continues to advocate for revoking Section 230, a law that shields online companies from liability over content posted by users and supports ramping up anti-trust and transparency enforcement on technology companies, she said.

It’s interesting how the left was not concerned about the flow of “misinformation” when the internet was used to spread the Russia Hoax for years.

They didn’t care about all the fake headlines, stories, and narratives back then, that literally tore this nation apart and had Americans actually believing that Putin was running the country. But suddenly, Big Pharma gets involved and all bets are off. No one can breathe an “unapproved word.”

And while the current excuse to censor is COVID, as we all know when it comes to the left, that’s just the beginning. Once they get their foot in the door, they will use that power to control any situation they desire.

That’s why Elon Musk buying Twitter was a huge disrupter to the Regime’s plans, and why they will fight back against Elon the same way they fought against President Trump.

Elon is an outsider, whose very presence is a threat to them and everything they’re trying to accomplish.

The left will fire up their “war machine” and do everything within their power to take him and his freedom-loving agenda down.


We’ve seen them do this before…

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