Ex-Trump Lawyer Offers To Defend Disney’s “Constitutional Protected Speech” Against Florida Governor’s “Illegal Retaliation”

Ex-Trump Lawyer Offers To Defend Disney’s “Constitutional Protected Speech” Against Florida Governor’s “Illegal Retaliation”

An ex-member of Trump’s so-called “elite strike team,” Jenna Ellis, is now attempting to overturn Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ latest bill, which was signed into law by the Republican-controlled legislature.

The bill, which was signed into law on Friday, removes Disney’s tax exemption. Because of Disney’s opposition to the state’s Parental Rights in Education bill, Republican lawmakers sought this bill, according to Ellis.

She caused shockwaves over social media early Friday afternoon by tweeting an offer to provide Disney legal guidance against DeSantis’ latest measure.

“Hello there, @Disney. An open invitation to help you defend your freedom of speech against the illegal reprisal of the state of Florida,” she said.

Later that day, she revealed why she’s suddenly advocating against a man who is widely believed to be both America’s best governor and America’s best hope for the 2024 presidential race.

DeSantis and the Florida Republican Party have been praised for their Parental Rights in Education bill… I’ve openly disagreed with Disney’s corporate views.” Ron DeSantis and Florida’s Republican governors have crossed the line constitutionally by retaliating against Disney for exercising their constitutionally allowed freedom of speech,” she stated.

Retaliation in violation of the constitution is exactly what you’ve done. So, imagine if this were California and Gov. Newsom targeted a conservative corporation for expressing conservative views on California politics as a kind of revenge for their actions. Right-wingers are outraged by what they see as a small-scale form of dictatorship. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Furthermore, Ron DeSantis and Republican legislators in Florida have acknowledged and even boasted about their motivation being retaliation.”

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On Twitter, critics pointed out that this “petty tyranny” is already taking place in the United States because of Democrat legislators.

Local legislators have targeted and sometimes even outlawed Chick-fil-A from certain locations, they said. Critics, on the other hand, insisted that there is a distinction. Chick-fil-A was singled out and targeted with bans because of the private donations made by its owner/founder. Disney, on the other hand, was merely stripped of a special tax status that no other company has, and it was stripped of this not necessarily because of its politics.

According to DeSantis’ own words to Newsweek, “the governor’s efforts were not retaliatory, but in support of ‘a more equal playing field for all firms in Florida.'”

“The governor’s actions remain the height of hypocrisy and anti-free expression,” Ellis said in a Newsweek interview. Ellis also predicted that Disney will win in court if it sues to overturn the new rule, which he blamed on DeSantis and Republican politicians in Florida.

‘This is a textbook case of Disney asserting First Amendment retribution, which I believe will be successful.’ Taking an unconstitutional move by the government is at the heart of the matter, she explained to Caplis during their radio discussion.

Given that Disney’s First Amendment-related tax status was terminated this year, critics were a little perplexed by this reasoning.

Some have inquired why Ellis has not been providing legal guidance to those who have been blocked on social media for sharing suspected “misinformation.”.

Ellis rose to national prominence after Trump appointed her as a senior legal adviser for his 2020 presidential campaign in 2019. “Elite Strike Force” efforts to alter the 2020 election results failed, but she participated in them.





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