[VIDEO] Furious Americans React to “Secret” Fauci Just Admitted On MSNBC: “Life in Prison, at Minimum”

[VIDEO] Furious Americans React to “Secret” Fauci Just Admitted On MSNBC: “Life in Prison, at Minimum”

Just when you thought we were rid of the evil little worm, he slithers back and drops a dirty truth bomb.

I’m speaking of course about Dr. Evil Fauci.


I don’t know if Fauci’s doing this to sabotage Joe, for cutting him off and sidelining him, or if he just feels like being honest and revealing how evil he and his Big Pharm pals really are… but what Fauci just admitted on MSNBC has many Americans seething mad.

Here’s what happened: “Fauci admitted the true purpose of lockdowns: to get people to take the vaccine. He belongs in prison.

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And that’s exactly what he said.

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Fauci appeared on MSNBC to discuss the insane China lockdowns happening right now in Shanghai, where the entire city is locked up – people are prisoners in their own homes. It’s a dystopian creep-fest of epic proportions. And the videos coming out of China feel very reminiscent of all those “fear-porn” videos that we saw at the very start of COVID.


While Fauci was discussing China and the lockdowns with Andrea Mitchell, he admitted lockdowns are used in order to get people to take a vaccine.

Those were his exact words.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“The purpose of lockdowns was to demoralize the population in order to get them vaccinated. “Take these rushed experimental injections or we’ll lock you in your homes again!””

“I said it since day one. Lockdowns and masks were the bargaining chip. Coercion or “force.” It’s the tactic. Basically the Harvey Weinstein method. Ask yourself why they are talking about a new variant again…”

“This person single handed destroyed more peoples lives and livelihoods than the Rona ever could have. He belongs in prison. And so does every single CDC and political bootlicker that allowed him to get away with it.”

“We are done listening to this fraudster and criminal “

“Vaccines are used on the naive to push vaccinations. Vaccines in China are as ineffective as the ones Fauci pushes!”

“This guy is a monster” 

“How many times did they tell us, “if you take this vax life will go back to normal” ? It was their marketing plan, and then it all fell apart” 

“The nerve of this motherfu**er.”

“Democrats are the new Nazis – the originals did exactly this with typhus, it’s how they made the ghettoes”

“Cult mentality. BITE model: 1. Behavior- Restrict Peoples movements 2. Information- Control the flow of information and propagate your narrative. 3. Thought- Group think, purposed towards cult narrative. 4. Emotion- Implement fear and suppress emotional realization.”

“The man is a sociopathic bridge troll”

“Someone, please lock this demon up and throw away the key”

Sadly, I don’t believe Fauci will be held accountable for the evil that he’s unleashed — I don’t think he’ll go to jail or anything like that.


Like so many others, he’s just too powerful to fall… But I do believe karma will get him, in a very big, and very public way.

And I can’t wait…

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