[VIDEO] Global Elites Shocked That President Trump’s Political Movement is Still So Powerful

[VIDEO] Global Elites Shocked That President Trump’s Political Movement is Still So Powerful

The global elites are shocked that President Trump is still so powerful.


Of course they are shocked – after all, they colluded together and worked so hard to oust him – basically banning him from society and every digital platform imaginable.

Yet, here he is — arguably, the most powerful man in politics, but he holds no elected office.


See, unlike Joe Biden, President Trump was not “installed” into the White House… he was elected.


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And he was elected by people who love him and believe in his vision.

This is why President Trump remains so powerful to this day and why his movement can’t be crushed or stopped, no matter how they try to cancel him.

Fox News host Steve Hilton explores what’s going on with globalism and populism in this in-depth and really fascinating clip, and shares how “shocked” the globalists are, that they can’t snuff out Trump.


You can watch the video below:

It’s really no wonder the political elites can’t figure out what’s going on with President Trump or the America First movement.

These are the most out-of-touch, “book smart,” yet totally DUMB people on the planet.

The reason Hillary Clinton lost is because nobody wanted another globalist establishment politician. And that’s the same reason Biden lost in 2020, only they used a tsunami of mail-in ballots to bury that fact.


Globalism is dead…and if you ask me, the only reason it still has a faint heartbeat is via cheating.

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