[VIDEO] Harris Faulkner Blasts Disney For Taking Away “Innocence For Our Children”

[VIDEO] Harris Faulkner Blasts Disney For Taking Away “Innocence For Our Children”

Fox News host Harris Faulkner ripped into progressive/woke Disney.


She said they’re taking away a kind of innocence for our children.

Her comments came after a report on a meeting the company had where Disney’s diversity and inclusion manager, Vivian Ware, saying the company was removing “ladies and gentlemen or boys and girls” language at parks.

Disney is going all-in on the sexual progressive lifestyle, and Harris isn’t okay with it.

Fox guest host Piers Morgan asked the panel when did we in America just “accept this” “absurdity”?

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“When did we accept this neutralizing of all gender-specific terms in our country in a democracy?” Morgan asked. “Where is my right to be called a man? My right to be called the gentleman if people would like to call me that? Why are the rights of the vast majority of people who want to be called ladies, gentleman, boy, girl, why are they considered to be utterly irrelevant?”

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Faulkner agreed with Morgan and said that it’s partly because people are afraid now of “being canceled.”


You can watch the video below:

This is no longer Walt Disney’s company.

He’s probably turning over in his grave right now, watching his company turn into one giant “grooming playground” for innocent children.

What’s happening to Disney is the exact same thing that’s happening to grade schools. LGBTQ radicals have invaded and taken it over and their only goal is to “convert” your child into a member of their “sexual religion.”


The left destroys every single thing it touches.

Don’t let them touch your children.

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