Americans React to CREEPY Photo Taken of Hunter Biden During WH Easter Egg Roll

Americans React to CREEPY Photo Taken of Hunter Biden During WH Easter Egg Roll

Everyone’s been asking where Hunter Biden is… he’s been laying pretty low since his laptop from hell has reared its ugly, perverted head again.


So, imagine everyone’s shock when Hunter decided to show up at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

A man who’s accused of filming himself having sex with underage girls, should not be allowed to frolic with young kids at the White House.

This admin is so disgusting and perverted and has such little regard for children’s rights and safety that they don’t care if a perverted crackhead is roaming around the lawns.

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The New York Post reported that Hunter Biden — whose questionable foreign business dealings are attracting more attention to him and his father, President Biden — showed up at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday with his wife and 2-year-old son in tow.

The first son was spotted holding his own son, Beau, while wife Melissa Cohen looked on during Monday afternoon’s Easter celebration, the first to be held at the White House since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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It was the first sighting of Hunter Biden since March 30 — the same day the Washington Post admitted the authenticity of the emails from Biden’s infamous laptop, first reported on by the New York Post a year and a half before.

The New York Times also belatedly confirmed the authenticity of the emails just two weeks before.

Monday’s ceremony, which attracted thousands of children and adults to the White House lawn, was held in soggy conditions and under gray skies.

A bizarre and creepy photo of Hunter has been floating around the internet… he’s all hunched over, like a ghoul, with his arms dragging, looking like a caveman meets Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”


Here’s the photo:

People online “captioned” the photo. Here’s what they said:

“Child Rapist at Party”

“Want some candy little girl???”

“Look who made an appearance at the White House on the day of the year when dozens of underage children are visiting.”

“Wait Hunter Biden in the middle of kids running around not closely supervised?”

“I’m going to get you my little sweetie”

“Hey kids, I got some Tylenol PM in my pocket…”

“Hide your wives, dead brothers wives, neices and former Presidents daughters.”

“I heard someone say “Parmesan cheese?”

“Thanks for finding my lost pipe.”

“Time for Hunter to start with the Hair Plugs like his old man, the Big Guy”

“Somebody said there was a “special” Easter egg over here for me.”

“The pedo doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

I still can’t believe someone actually thought it’d be a good idea to have this perverted old man around innocent young kids.


It’s mind-blowing the bad decisions that this phony White House makes.

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