Former Twitter CEO Red-Pilled? Jack Dorsey Just Trolled CNN in a Brutal Tweet 

Former Twitter CEO Red-Pilled? Jack Dorsey Just Trolled CNN in a Brutal Tweet 

There’s been a rumor floating around the internet for a while now, and it goes something like this: former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didn’t want to silence conservatives, ban President Trump, or monkey with algorithms, but he was brow-beaten by his “woke” and radical employees and outnumbered by his board, and that’s why he was ousted from the company.


Now, I don’t know if that’s true, but some of the bizarre things that have been happening since they tossed him out, really makes you wonder.

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In one tweet, Jack reflected on how the internet was when he first got involved – the sense of “freedom” there was, and he said he regretted he was partially responsible for ruining that.

He also condemned the board for how they treated Elon’s offer.

And then the cherry on the cake was this tweet Jack wrote in response to yet another anti-Fox whine-fest from CNN’s Brian Stelter.

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Brian was yet again, bellyaching about Fox News and Tucker Carlson. He shared a WAPO piece claiming that Tucker is “selling doubt.”


Jack rolled up with a response that was so fitting…

Here’s what Jack Dorsey said to Stelter: “and you all are selling hope?”



He also said this:

It’s interesting to see Jack emerge as this free-thinking Bitcoin guy, who’s calling out the BS on both sides.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Are we becoming friends with Jack now?”

“The Quartering said once that Jack is maybe secretly based. Could be true. Could be had a psychedelic ego-death and reconsidered his decisions.”

“Jack been doing some soul searching.”

“Has Jack been redpilled?” 

“Jack doesn’t have to put on a show anymore for his woke employees” 

“Jack is on his redemption arc part of his life”

“Wow, nobody saw this coming…nobody” 

Well, some did. If you believed the rumors that have been floating around.


It’s nice to see that Jack is coming around, or at least able to share how he feels in a more open way.

Let’s hope he builds on that even more.

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