[VIDEO] Bombshell CBS Investigative Report Just Dropped — It’s Probably Time For Jim Biden to “Lawyer Up”

[VIDEO] Bombshell CBS Investigative Report Just Dropped — It’s Probably Time For Jim Biden to “Lawyer Up”

The walls are closing in on the Biden family… fast.


The Handlers are feeding them to wolves right now. They clearly want to get rid of Joe, and you can’t blame them, they installed an Alzheimer’s patient into the White House.

But the alternative, Kamala, isn’t much better. But as bad as she is, she’s still better than Joe… sort of.

However, right now, the Biden who should be more worried is Joe’s brother Jim Biden, especially after the bombshell CBS report that just dropped.

According to CBS, now Joe Biden’s BROTHER James has been dragged into Chinese payments scandal as it’s revealed more than 150 transactions made by him and Hunter were flagged as ‘concerning’ by US banks.

James Biden received $65,000 a month from the Chinese-linked consulting group throughout 2018, totaling $780,000. The cash was given to his Lion Hall Group.

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The same firm – which has links to China’s ruling communist party – paid Hunter $100,000 a month for the same year, as well as a $500,000 retainer. In total, he earned $1.7 million from the firm in 2018.

The documents were obtained by Sen. Chuck Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, who spent three years digging into James and Hunter’s business dealings, which he called ‘very concerning.’

He said his team obtained the records directly from the bank where the consulting firm did business.

‘We have people with the Biden name, dealing with Chinese business people that have a relationship to the Communist Party,’ Grassley told CBS.

“I think James Biden was very much a part of this.”



Someone on the left has “ok’d” all of this to go down.

Let me put on my tinfoil hat and share a crazy theory: Dems are handing R’s a “victory” by making it seem as if they’re the ones “bringing down” Biden. They’ll either successfully impeach Joe, or he’ll resign over this, and R’s will take a victory lap, and voters will think they did something, finally , and hail them all heroes.


Meanwhile, the question we should all be asking is, what would R’s give up as “payment” for this glorious political gift?

Another election?

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