James Woods Finally Goes There…Calls Out Twitter For 2020 Election Interference 

James Woods Finally Goes There…Calls Out Twitter For 2020 Election Interference 

Most of you know that after the disastrous 2020 election, James Woods took a break from politics.


You can’t blame him…

Having an entire election stolen and watching your government overthrow itself is quite a depressing sight to behold.

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But lately, he’s been coming back around. You’ll see him chime in here and there on some current issues and it’s been nice to see him kinda come back into the game.

However, he’s still never said anything about the 2020 election… until now.

As you know, Twitter is being taken over by Elon Musk, and even though Elon hasn’t grabbed the wheel yet, we’re already seeing major changes in the algorithm.

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It looks like the bad guys are lifting the suppression now, in order to hide their dirty tricks when the new owners take over.

Here’s what James had to say: “It is astonishing how severe the suppression of free thought was during the #TwitterDarkDays. Now I get tens of thousands of likes per tweet, and gained over 50,000 followers just yesterday alone. Hard to imagine the effect of this level of suppression on the 2020 election.”


Here’s what people online are saying:

“The damage is incalculable… Wait… I shouldn’t say that – @elonmusk could probably calculate it, or knows someone who can.”

“They already deleted the source code of the algo.”

“Hard to imagine the effect of this level of suppression on the 2020 election.” That was the point.”

“Their mission was to stop Trump, and everyone completed their task, from mail-in ballot mules to social media tech censors, to media coverup stories…it went off without a hitch”

“There is a real change in the air…everyone who is awake can feel it !”

“Covering there tracks. Wonder if Elon can go back and see what algorithms were used and how many bots were manufactured from Twitter itself?”

“Truly astonishing. More revelations to come for sure.”

“A GOP Congress needs to get in there with a forensic team and tear the coding apart”

“Still need to reinstate all suspended accounts and eliminate all fact checking.”

Twitter and Facebook played a major role in the outcome of 2020… the election interference from social media was off the charts… after 2022, we need the GOP to get off their duffs and dig into it, and start holding people accountable, for the love of God.

James is also right about how that type of suppression and censorship is so dark and depressing.


It’s reminiscent of Chinese or North Korea-type tactics… the thought of that type of thought and word police being gone is like a breath of fresh air, and welcomed relief.

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