[VIDEO] Jill Biden Scolds Joe Like She’s His “Mommy” During Easter Egg Hunt at WH “Just Stay…”

[VIDEO] Jill Biden Scolds Joe Like She’s His “Mommy” During Easter Egg Hunt at WH “Just Stay…”

The Easter Egg event at the White House is off to a typically weird and bizarre start.


All things “Biden admin” are totally off the rails and not normal in any way, shape, or form.

The Easter Egg Roll is back, after taking a hiatus thanks to Joe’s tyrannical COVID restrictions.

But after what happened today, maybe they should have shelved the event for another few years.

As you likely know, Joe Biden recently was caught on video trying to shake hands with “thin air” and then confusedly wandering around the stage, looking for a way to leave. It was sad and infuriating. Americans deserve better than a bumbling halfwit leader, and no matter how much you may dislike Joe, as a human, he deserves better, too.

Shame on his wife, Jill for allowing this to go on… and speaking of Jill, you can literally see and feel the stress emulating off of her body during this Easter Egg event today.

She looks and sounds more like a frustrated “mommy” than a first lady, and Joe looks and sounds like a mentally challenged child.

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In this first video, you can hear Jill “scold” Joe and tell him “just stay…”

He has NO CLUE what he’s doing.

Joe then says he’s not “allowed to move.”



I think it’s clear who the person is that tells Joe what he can and can’t do. It’s Jill. His #1 Handler.

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In the next clip, Joe is behaving like a bewildered child, as Jill tries to read a book to the children.

He mutters “I see Joe looking at me…” sounding as if he’s one of the kids in the crowd who’s amazed by the story.


And finally, this video where Joe bemoans that he’s not “allowed” to read any of the book to the kids.

Jill relents and says he can read the first page.

“Thanks, Mommy…” 


Again, it looks and feels like a mommy/son exchange. Very creepy.


What a strange event this was. Why do they allow him to sit there and look like that in public? It makes the entire country look weak and clownish.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Some families put their aging parents away in a home in an attempt to siphon off any remaining assets. Knowing he was declining, Joe Biden’s family pushed him to run for the most stressful job on earth, in order to grow their personal wealth. Both make me physically sick.”

“This is like watching a son and his mom. This is really disturbing.” 

“Rough to watch. I feel a mixture of pity and anger.” 

“So, is Jill the president? Because it sure as hell isn’t the brain dead guy sitting next to her” 

“This is painful. It’s even more ridiculous that our media acts like this behavior is normal” 

“Jill treats Joe more like the White House dog than President of the United States. Pathetic display by the leader of the free world. Sad really”

“Teacher, doctor, mailman, truck driver, iron worker, therapist, nurse, president???……Shes everything”

“Put him in a nursing home already this is really depressing”

“The most powerful person on earth. And her husband”

“Whenever the 2 of them are together publicly, she’s the one that makes him look even more incompetent.”

“This is so awkward, she treats him like a child. I guess that tells us a lot about what is going on and who is in charge.”

Americans are not stupid. We see this childlike behavior and it’s very disturbing.

It’s disturbing even if Joe wasn’t the so-called “president,” but the fact that we’re all pretending he is, makes this one thousand times more unnerving.

It’s insulting and disrespectful for globalists to do this to Americans — to treat us like we’re all stupid and can’t see what’s actually going on right in front of our faces.


Let’s make sure we use 2022 and 2024 to pay them all back for this.

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