[VIDEO] Jim Jordan Makes a Promise to Voters… Vows to Expose Joe’s Role in “Biden Crime Family Enterprise”

[VIDEO] Jim Jordan Makes a Promise to Voters… Vows to Expose Joe’s Role in “Biden Crime Family Enterprise”

Jim Jordan appeared on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday and said out loud what we all know to be true: Joe Biden was involved in his son Hunter’s business dealings with foreign entities even though he and his admin are trying to deny it.


Jim is speaking out just as the House Oversight Committee calls for further investigation into the text messages allegedly stored on Hunter’s laptop from hell.

In addition, there are emails where Hunter lamented over having to spend half of his salary to pay Joe’s bills and other expenses. Of course, both the text message and the email prove Joe Biden was actually knee-deep in Hunter’s business, something he has denied.

“Well, it sure looks like now it is a family enterprise based on the recent text messages we have seen,” Jordan said of the emerging evidence related to the laptop. “I’m just amazed at how this story has changed because it initially started out that it wasn’t his laptop. Then quickly, it was his laptop but it was Russian disinformation.”

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“Now it’s well it wasn’t Russian disinformation but Joe had nothing to do with it. Now we learn, well, Joe did have something to do with it but his chief of staff says did he nothing wrong. It doesn’t appear to be the case when you look at these recent text messages. We are going to look at all of this,” he added.

And Jim has made a promise to the American people – if we give R’s back the House, they will go after Joe and the Biden Crime Family.

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If we get the majority—if the American people put us there—we’re going to look at this; we’re going to look at the lab leak with the [Dr.] Fauci situation; we’re going to look at the school boards issue with the Dept. of Justice treating moms and dads as terrorists. We’re going to look at all those issues because the American people deserve the truth.”


You can watch the video below:

We need someone like Jim Jordan in the Speaker role.

Just a couple of days ago, Kevin McCarthy was talking about how it wouldn’t be a good idea to impeach Joe Biden.

No. Joe must go.

It is our job to shame and remove the cheaters, one by one… and he’s the first that needs to go.

And if it were up to McCarthy, he’d do whatever he could to keep his buddies on the other side of the aisle safe.


If we want to actually win, we need to oust Kevin McCarthy and replace him with an America First Speaker.

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