Red Flags Go Up Over Joe and Jill’s Bizarre “Easter Celebration”

Red Flags Go Up Over Joe and Jill’s Bizarre “Easter Celebration”

Christians all across the world celebrated Easter Sunday with friends and family, and church.


Easter is the most religious Christian Holiday, and the church is part of the celebration for most devout Christians.

We’re told Joe Biden is a devout Catholic, who takes his religious beliefs very seriously – even though he believes in abortion, 67 genders, and that somehow God can get a person’s “gender” wrong, and a human doctor needs to correct it for him.

Yes, despite all those secular and demonic beliefs, Joe claims to be a very serious Christian.

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So, imagine everyone’s surprise when we discovered Joe Biden spent his Easter Holiday, holed up at Camp David, he did not leave the compound even once, and did not attend Mass on Easter Sunday.

Wow. Shocking admission from such a good Catholic man…

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Here’s what Breitbart reporter Charlie Spiering said: “Joe Biden had a very private Easter weekend at Camp David — the family did not even leave the retreat compound to attend a public Mass on Easter Sunday”

While I don’t believe that Joe is this great Catholic that he claims to be — he’s just a typical politician playing a phony role — I don’t think “religion” was the reason Joe wasn’t out and about at church on Easter Sunday. I honestly think it’s his “dementia,” or whatever cognitive disease is devouring his brain that kept him at home.

You’ll recall that just a few days ago, Joe Biden was caught shaking hands with “thin air” on camera, and then wandering around confused, trying to find his way off the stage. That was a moment where the entire world got a glimpse of the seriousness of the disease that is plaguing Joe Biden.


Here’s what people online are saying about Joe’s bizarre Easter celebration:

“Is Biden’s dementia getting so bad he’s limiting public appearances? When will he pardon himself, Hunter & brother James??”

“It’s very odd that Joe Biden didn’t even attend a public Mass on Easter Sunday, or make any public appearance.” 

“Joe Biden called a “lid” on Easter. Par for the course from this Truman Show fake presidency” 

“deeply Catholic president” gives up Easter for Lent.”

“Easter Mass for the Biden Family Sunday includes spirit cooking and devil worshiping” 

“People, no matter what he tries to tell you, Joe and his family are not religious” 

“I don’t remember a POTUS not having a publicized Easter worship service. I was thinking about that yesterday. Strange.” 

“My elderly father didn’t either… he’s afraid of exposure to COVID and doesn’t move that well. Of course, he’s not the leader of the free world.”

“Blood transfusions take time.”

“Well he thought it was 4th of July, so…” 

“For sure they are telling Joe to step down or not run in ‘24”

Granted, there is a chapel at Camp David, so Joe could’ve attended some sort of “service” there, but I highly doubt it, only because we have seen no photos as of yet.

And that still begs the question — why didn’t the so-called “leader of the free world” attend a public Easter Mass?

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