[VIDEO] Sitting Down? Biden Just Said Something Every Single MAGA Patriot Will Love and Agree With

[VIDEO] Sitting Down? Biden Just Said Something Every Single MAGA Patriot Will Love and Agree With

Is Joe Biden the new spokesman for the America First movement?


He finally said something that made perfect sense, and every single MAGA patriot will love it and agree with it, 100 percent.

But trust me, he didn’t mean to make us happy. Team Biden is desperate right now… They see the “red wave” that’s coming, and it looks like a tsunami that’s about to take down their entire political party.

So, they’re trying to come up with ways to stop it… and this latest idea is from the dusty old archives of Joe Biden’s cob-web-infested political career.

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Back in the day, one of Joe’s favorite things to say to “slam” the Republican Party, was to tell everyone that this was not your “Father’s Republican Party” anymore. He says it over and over throughout his career.

And I see they’re so desperate now, that they’re back to using Joe’s old 1990 political tricks.

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This won’t end well…

Because now Joe’s out there saying “This ain’t your father’s Republican Party… this is a MAGA party now.”

Amen, Joe.

I hope you said it loud enough so McConnell, McCarthy, and the rest of the RINOs could hear you, as well!


You can watch the video below:

I will tell you what frustrates Dems more than anything, is that they cannot cancel President Trump.

They uninstalled him, erased him from social media and the mainstream media, and they’ve called him every name in the book, tried to impeach him twice, and are now trying to throw him in jail, at every turn…

But President Trump and his movement are now stronger than ever, and they can’t figure out why and it’s driving them crazy that they can’t stop this man and his movement.

Joe Biden might be the fake “president” right now, but I guarantee you that President Trump has a helluva lot more power, pull, and clout than Joe does or could ever dream of having.


That’s the difference between having a fake movement and a real one.

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