[VIDEO] Here’s What Happens When Biden Uses The Word “Prostitute” Instead of “Prosecute”

[VIDEO] Here’s What Happens When Biden Uses The Word “Prostitute” Instead of “Prosecute”

Well, it’s another day and another Joe Biden speaking debacle to report.


We can’t go a day without this blathering buffoon spewing out another jumbled mess from his pudding hole.

This one is nice and quick, so you’ll be in and out in a jiffy.

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Joe Biden is now trying to crack down on ghost guns — that’s right if he wasn’t unpopular enough before, this outta really cap things off nicely.

We’ve got Americans unable to pay their rent, buy groceries, or even fill up their gas tanks, and this bumbling bozo wants to talk about gun restrictions?

Dear lord…

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Look at these photos – Joe looks like an active shooter at a memory care ward:

CNN reported that Joe Biden announced a new firearm regulation Monday meant to contain the use of privately made weapons as he comes under pressure to take more steps to address a national crisis of gun violence.

The regulation on so-called “ghost guns” — unregulated, untraceable weapons made from kits — will address a critical gap in the government’s ability to track them by requiring background checks before purchase and serial numbers on some of the components. Though ghost guns make up a relatively small share of the guns recovered by law enforcement, they have been seen with increasing frequency in recent years.

Biden brought one of the kits to the Rose Garden on Monday, declaring the new rules “basic common sense” before holding aloft one of the weapons made from the gear.

He’s also trying to ban assault rifles.

Later, Joe was trying to say “imagine if the tobacco companies were immune from being prosecuted,” and instead, he said the word “prostitute.”

He didn’t even try to correct himself.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Uh, Biden starts to say “prostitution”, instead of “prosecution”. He must have the laptop on his mind LOL” 

“You mean like the drug companies immune from Covid deaths prosecution?”

“No longer funny or sad! Just plain insulting to USA!”

“Imagine had the tobacco industry been immune to prostitutes being sued…81 million votes” 

“Whenever he makes a gaff he immediately throws in a word like “come on”, or “listen”, as if it’s us who are the ones not getting it right.”

“They really should just put him back in the basement”

“81mill people voted for this fu**ing guy? lol lol lol” 

“Ladies and gentlemen I present yo you the former Vice President of the United States! We live in a clown world and are being led by the biggest clown of all!”

“This guy is off the deep end, and you have the seals clapping in unison… What the hell is wrong with these people?”

Earlier today, Biden’s sister Valerie claimed that Joe’s mistakes are all because of his “childhood stutter.”


Good news for all the prostitutes at the tobacco companies… Ladies, it’s just a childhood stutter, carry on…

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