[VIDEO] Amber Heard’s Lawyer Makes Such a Bonehead Move in Court, Johnny Depp and His Attorney Bust Out Laughing 

[VIDEO] Amber Heard’s Lawyer Makes Such a Bonehead Move in Court, Johnny Depp and His Attorney Bust Out Laughing 

As you likely know by now, Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife for defamation, after she wrote an op-ed in WAPO alleging he “beat her.”


In court papers, Ms. Heard has accused Mr. Depp of repeatedly abusing her throughout their relationship, alleging that he slapped her, kicked her, head-butted her and tore clumps of hair out of her scalp. In 2018, she wrote an opinion piece in The Washington Post, describing how her career had been negatively affected by becoming a “public figure representing domestic abuse.”

The piece did not name Mr. Depp, but he has argued that it clearly was alluding to him and harmed his career and reputation.


Because of that article, Depp lost his role in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie and other movies. He says his entire reputation has been ruined, and he’s suing her for $50 million dollars.

Both Amber and Johnny seem like nut jobs and both of them were violent in the marriage.

Today, while a witness was on the stand, talking about Johnny Depp’s hand injury, Heard’s lawyer made one of the biggest bonehead moves I’ve ever seen in a court trial.

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It was such a bumbling faux pas that Johnny and his lawyer couldn’t help themselves, and they did all they could to hold back the laughter.

Basically, Amber’s lawyer asked the witness a question, and as the witness started to answer, the lawyer interrupted, objected, and yelled out, “That’s hearsay!” The confused judge jumped in and said, “But you’re the one who asked him the question…”

The lawyer’s reaction to his own goofy move was funny, but Johnny and his lawyer laughing was the icing on the cake of an already completely batty trial.

You can watch the video below:


I’m sure Amber Heard is second-guessing her choice in lawyers after that spectacle.

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