Report: Joy Reid’s Show Is Finished

Report: Joy Reid’s Show Is Finished

Joy Reid is probably the most vulgar and disgusting fake news peddler on the airwaves.


But the good news is, barely anyone is watching her, and she’s about to be yanked off the air.

You know it’s bad when liberals can’t stand to listen to the constant hate being spewed from Reid.

As a result, her ratings are cratering, and have tanked to an all-time low.

April was actually a busy news month, but “The ReidOut” still couldn’t attract viewers, pulling in a measly 1.1 million viewers for the entire month.

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That’s a 31 percent decline from April of last year.

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To give you an idea of how bad it is, she’s lost 51 percent of her viewers since she debuted in July 2020.

But it actually gets even worse for the hatemonger… she’s also lost 57 percent of her total audience among the number one “25-54” demographic.

Reid’s reliance on “race” as her excuse for everything under the sun could be the reason everyone is tuning out.

Recently, Reid suggested that Elon Musk has a secret plan to revive South African apartheid.

And the left calls Q-Anon “crazy”?


The bottom line is that Comcast cannot allow this to keep going, so they will be pulling the plug on Joy’s show… Washington Examiner editor Jon Nicosia says it’s a “done deal,” and they’re just figuring out how to announce it.

Joy’s show is done. 


I have a feeling no matter how they “announce it,” Joy Reid will find a way to blame her failure and demise on “race.”

Why break precedence now, right?

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