[VIDEO] Many People Wonder What’s That Strange “Accent” Kamala Used in Philadelphia??

[VIDEO] Many People Wonder What’s That Strange “Accent” Kamala Used in Philadelphia??

I regret to inform you that Kamala is at it again.


She’s back on the road, making cringe speeches and giving ghastly interviews all across America.

Did you see this train wreck response to inflation?


That’s right, when Kamala’s not stinking up Europe and beyond with her band of insecure and inept politics, you can find her cackling, and making dumb comments back at home.

In this clip, Kamala is in Philly and she’s talking to a group about broadband connections, and once again, she’s LAUGHING like a hyena at nothing.

I kid you not, there’s absolutely nothing funny here, but Kamala just can’t stop cackling for some nervous reason.

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But it’s the bizarre accent she’s using that caught the most attention.

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What on earth is this woman doing?

You can watch the video below:


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Why is she talking like that?” 

“Is this the voice she uses to relate to “urban folks” or something? I don’t even know what she’s trying to do here” 

“Somewhere, there is a village asking not to have its idiot back.”

“She just walks up to the podium and rattles off the most obvious facts because she is too dumb, lazy, and self-absorbed to demand a speech that has meaningful content.”

“Student council VP. The sad part is that she is really trying. Installed regime. Can’t be more obvious.”

“Honestly, I don’t know what that accent is, but I do know that she sounds as desperate as she looks.”

“Ever notice how Kamala and Capt. Obvious are never in the same room at the same time?? “

“Slips into her fake “urban” accent…how condescending. She really is a pandering piece of crappola, just like all other “politicians.” 

“This is like Hillary trying to talk like southern blacks. So cringe it feels dirty to watch. It bothers me. Just speak to Americans, you loser” 

“Weird accent aside, she looked and sounded terrified there at the end of that first clip”

I agree, this is Kamala trying to “relate” to black voters.


It’s shameful that she has to be phony and put on a fake show to “relate” to American voters — especially ones who were depending so much on her and Joe.

They were duped again.

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