One Journalist Has a Totally Wild Theory About How The Handlers Will Oust Kamala and Joe

One Journalist Has a Totally Wild Theory About How The Handlers Will Oust Kamala and Joe

Roger Kimball wrote a fantastic piece for American Greatness.


And in it, he proposed a theory that the Handlers who oversee Joe Biden – the puppet masters – will actually take out Kamala before they bring down Joe.

And he’s convinced this will happen – he says both will be taken out because they’re now major liabilities to the puppet masters’ plans.

Kimball compared what was happening to Biden and Harris to what went down with Nixon and Agnew… however, those elites were able to take out both president and VP in that scenario, because they had dirt on Nixon and Agnew.

But Kimball says, it won’t be that easy for Biden’s handlers to get rid of Kamala, but he says they have to do it.

Here’s part of what he said:


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I should have added that it wasn’t Biden’s performance per se that would lead to his downfall. The problem, rather, was the way his performance was undermining his—and therefore his minders’ and puppetmasters’—political power. As Saul Alinsky, community organizer to the stars, noted, the “issue is never the issue.” Accordingly, the people who put Joe Biden in power—I cannot name them, but I know they are the same people who keep him in power—do not care about inflation, rising gas and food prices, COVID lockdowns or mask mandates, the porousness of our Southern border, the threat of war with Russia, or the myriad other issues that worry ordinary voters. I am quite certain, in fact, that the word “voters” brings a vaguely contemptuous smile to their faces.

They are not troubled by the suffering of the people, indeed, they approve of a certain amount of suffering. Suffering produces dependency; and dependency, in turn, is like an insurance policy for those who cater to it: the bureaucrats who fill the troughs that feed the populace. The point, of course, was never to end the dependency but to manage in such a way as to perpetuate and expand it. Joe Biden is an errand boy, a figurehead, in the metabolism of this great (not to say Great Society) act of political legerdemain.


Kamala Harris is more of a problem. She is at least as appallingly incompetent as her boss, and no less challenged rhetorically, as her alarming performance in Poland and Romania a week or two back demonstrated. But Harris will not be as easy to shift as was Agnew. I have heard nothing about actual bribery, and acting as the warm bun for Willie Brown’s bratwurst may be in dubious taste but is not actionable.

But Biden’s—and Harris’—polls continue to crater, with 60 percent of respondents disapproving of the job Biden is doing, and 50 percent “strongly” disapproving. It’s the worst showing yet, and many commentators are rubbing salt into the wound by stressing the adverb: We’ve been traveling down this road for months, they say, and so far every “worst yet” turns out to be tomorrow’s “hold my beer” moment.


I suspect that Joe Biden is being prepped for ejection. Exactly how it will happen I do not yet know. But he is on the threshold, or possibly has even passed the threshold, where he could appear to govern. His minders understand this. They must be the ones to replace him, otherwise they themselves risk being replaced, which would be intolerable. As I say, it’s not entirely clear yet how the defenestration will take place. Obviously, Kamala will have to be dealt with first, and she will be. Look for some ground softening stories such as the Times just served up about the laptop. They won’t be long in coming.

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I think this theory is very interesting, but I don’t see it playing out this way.

I’d be shocked if it did, actually… happily shocked.

I am not saying they don’t want to get rid of both, but I don’t see them getting rid of Harris before Joe.

I think they’re using the laptop to tee Republicans up for impeaching Joe, and they’ll take Harris out in 2024 with a primary defeat.


But, hey, who knows… let’s grab the popcorn and keep an eye on what goes down!

I encourage you to read all of Mr. Kimball’s piece here.

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