[VIDEO] Saudi TV Brutally Mocks Bumbling Joe… and Look What They Did to Kamala

[VIDEO] Saudi TV Brutally Mocks Bumbling Joe… and Look What They Did to Kamala

Just because our fake news media doesn’t call out Bumbling Joe Biden or Cackling Ditzy Kamala, doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t.


This administration is the laughingstock of the world.

There isn’t a time when Joe Biden speaks, that he doesn’t mispronounce common words, say the wrong things, slur, or cause a national security disaster.

It’s an embarrassing circus, and it’s even more infuriating that our media and most of DC pretends it’s not happening.

If you look at Joe Biden’s polls, I guarantee you that one of the major reasons his numbers are in the toilet is because of his cognitive disease. Pollsters never ask that question, but they should, because it’s absolutely terrifying, infuriating, and embarrassing for the American people to see this “nursing home” spectacle unfold day after day.

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And it’s like we all see and hear it, but everyone is pretending it’s not happening.

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Well, not “everyone,” because the foreign press and other countries are not pretending… not at all.

They are calling out Joe Biden and Kamala for being a complete clown show.

And speaking of that, Saudi Arabia TV just took a BRUTAL shot at Joe Biden and Kamala in this savage skit.

You can watch the video below:


Here’s what people online are saying:

“This is way too close to reality” 


“Funny…but not funny…”

“These 2 are more qualified than Joe and Kamala”

“We are a joke around the world good job putting this guy as president”

“I am not living in US, not American, but I tell you, the world is laughing at him and you for electing him. You’re a joke now” 

“They’re an absolute disgrace to the US” 

“The adults are in charge now. LOL”

“My relatives in India have the same sentiment; they are still shocked that Americans voted for this.”

“81 million.” 

This is what all the world sees when they look at the current fraudulent admin that’s pretending to run the country.

America has never looked so inept and foolish.


We look like a bad SNL skit, every single day, and it’s even more embarrassing that very few people are calling it out.

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