[VIDEO] Kamala Fumbles Again: She’s Completely and Totally Clueless About Inflation

[VIDEO] Kamala Fumbles Again: She’s Completely and Totally Clueless About Inflation

Good Lord in heaven, how is this woman so inept?


I don’t get it… okay, she’s not a “genius” by any stretch, but my God, I could get up there and at least fake it to make it better than this, and I am sure you could, too.

It’s almost unreal how incompetent she is. Kamala is a fascinating study of complete and utter failure on every level imaginable.

Okay, so what did she screw up this time?

Well, it was a simple question… “What do you say to the American people who blame this White House for inflation?”

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Now, as some of you may know my background is in PR, and before I tell how Kamala answered this question, let me tell you how she should have answered it:

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“My heart goes out to every American who’s struggling to make ends meet. And while I acknowledge there is a multitude of reasons for inflation and high gas prices, I want to apologize personally to Americans who are hurting and I vow to do everything in my power to help ease their pain.”

That’s what she should have said.

Here’s what she actually said: “I acknowledge one must acknowledge that prices are going up”


She can’t stop falling flat on her face, can she?

You can watch the video below:

This is what happens when you’re installed into a job you’re not remotely qualified for.

Here’s what people online are saying about this mess:

“I acknowledge one must acknowledge she has no idea what she’s talking about”

“I acknowledge one must acknowledge that Kamala Harris is an absolute joke.”

“This idiot acknowledges that it knows nothing.”

“How is she so stupid? It’s a miracle of dumbness” 

“One could get a better answer from a box of rocks, on pretty much any question asked of Kamala Harris.”

“Biden’s requirement for VP…empty headed female.”

“I love the name our American Indians have given to her. “Cackles with Heels Up”

“Serious question. Has she said anything of any substance as VP? Like – ANYTHING?!?!”

Look, I get it…the VP job is all title and no substance, but most savvy politicians use their time as veep to polish up their persona so they can transition into “president” someday.

I don’t know what this dullard is doing – treading water, spinning her wheels?


Ironically, the chances of Kamala being installed as “president” are very much in her favor… maybe she knows this, and that’s why she’s not even trying.

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