[VIDEO] Trump’s AZ Candidate Kari Lake Wants Hunter Charged With “Child Molestation”

[VIDEO] Trump’s AZ Candidate Kari Lake Wants Hunter Charged With “Child Molestation”

President Trump has backed a winner in Arizona.


Former local news anchor Kari Lake is running for governor of Arizona, and she’s an America First firecracker in all the right ways.

Lake can’t believe Hunter Biden is not behind bars.

We agree, it’s shameful.

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Kari appeared on “Real America’s Voice” and called out authorities and officials for covering and protecting Hunter Biden. Lake says that proves there’s a secret conspiracy working to undermine the rule of law.

“It’s pretty obvious, [the media] wanted Biden to win, they wanted Trump out of the White House. They withheld that incredibly damaging information. If that would have gotten out, there was no way Joe Biden would have won anywhere,” Lake said.

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“And I remember reading a couple stories, I was always pushing to get that story out. I thought it was appalling. The fact that Hunter Biden is not sitting in a prison cell right now is outrageous,” she continued.


“Hunter Biden should be behind bars, charged for child molestation. He should be charged for the Logan Act violations. He should be charged for treason. It is outrageous what is on that laptop, and the media withholding that information from the good people of this country, I think that is a crime as well,” Lake added.

You can watch the video below:

If this was me or you, we’d be in solitary confinement by now.

But Hunter has that elite Biden liberal privilege that allows him to get away with murder and pay no price.


Just like his father, Hunter also takes zero responsibility or accountability for anything that he’s done, and hasn’t had to answer for a singlet thing.

But Joe will move like lightening to imprison January 6th rally attendees.

Meanwhile, crackhead Hunter Biden has underage porn on his laptop, and he’s at home fingerpainting.

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