Lauren Boebert Declares GOP Has Just Found Their “Hill To Die On”

Lauren Boebert Declares GOP Has Just Found Their “Hill To Die On”

Honestly, I think there are so many hills worth dying on, thanks to the radical loons on the left.


For me, as a mom, anything to do with kids is a “hill to die on.” And as you know, the crazy radicals are going after our children like crazy.

Back in my day, when I was in school, I didn’t know what my teacher did outside of the classroom. My teacher was not my “friend,” he or she was like my boss. They were professional, mostly nice, and had goals and expectations for me.

I didn’t know if they were gay, straight, married, or divorced, and I certainly didn’t know if they cross-dressed during their private time, or if they wished they were a different gender.

I also didn’t know if they were a Democrat or a Republican.

My teacher didn’t have blue hair, and a face full of piercings, and they had me pledge allegiance to the American Flag, not the gay pride flag, and they didn’t try to “sexualize” anything.

I was in class to learn, not to be indoctrinated into the progressive cult… So, that’s a HILL we need to die on, too.

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And I am sure Rep. Lauren Boebert agrees with that — but today, she’s found another hill that is worthy to die on, and she’s right.

It’s the “Ministry of Truth” hill, and it’s a doozy.

Joe Biden has created a “Ministry of Truth.” As if this country hasn’t gotten creepy and dystopian enough, Joe and his Handlers want to make it feel like a full-fledged version of Hunger Games on steroids.

And here’s the CRACKPOT Joe has put in charge — she’s a “Russia, Russia, Russia” nutcase who sings “show tunes” about disinformation.

I’m not a doctor, but I’d say she’s got a raging case of Bipolar and/or Borderline Personality Disorder, and Stage 5 TDS.

Now, the FEDS will decide what is “true and false” online…

Gee, how could THAT go wrong or be used and abused? 🤔


It’s literally communist CHINA or North Korea. It’s the most disgusting and frightening abuse of power, and Lauren and the GOP need to fight this with every power of their being.

Here’s what Lauren said: “I don’t think people are fully understanding the severity of what a Ministry of Truth organized by DHS truly means. This is Stalin level. This is Mao level. This is the hill to die on.”

And here’s what people are saying online:

“Biden is suddenly concerned about truth now that Musk is about to take over Twitter. Especially after almost 50 years in politics and nary a factual statement ever escaped from his beak. “

“Talk is cheap, Lauren. What are you and the rest of the elected officials going to do about it?”

“This definitely “IS THE HILL TO DIE ON!” I will plant my flag and bury my feet so I can’t be swayed.”

“The stakes just keep getting higher and higher” 

“This is Orwellian. Just when you thought you had seen it all…”

“This is not a left or right issue. If you disagree, I ask you, what happens when the “other” party gains control? This strikes at the heart of what freedom means.”

“We need to stand 100 percent united against this communism” 

“Yes, that phony information office will begin conjuring up regs/requirements on information which the Oval Office will approve & implement => back to censorship of conservatives!”

“It is not the Ministry of Truth. It’s the Ministry of Propaganda period. Call it what it is”

“We understand the ministry of truth is a direct challenge to the 1st amendment which means that it is a challenge to the Constitution of the United States. It is by definition unconstitutional therefore a direct challenge to the people of this country.”

“ABSOLUTELY These wanna be Marxists are developing fangs. This the time to detooth them.”


This is what happens when unpopular Regimes are installed — they have to force people to bend the knee and follow their agenda because nobody actually voted for their nonsense.

The left can see their power slipping away, and they’re like cornered animals, lashing out and fighting for their lives.

The problem for them is that this is America, not North Korea (yet), and a lot of Americans are waking up and seeing what’s going on and they’re fighting back… we’re not going down the COVID road again, with restrictions, and rules, and all that Godforsaken government “guidance.”

No, thank you. 

It is a hill to die on because we all know what’s in store for us if we don’t.

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