[VIDEO] Reporter to Lightfoot: “How Could You Consider Running For Reelection After All The Harm You’ve Caused?”

[VIDEO] Reporter to Lightfoot: “How Could You Consider Running For Reelection After All The Harm You’ve Caused?”

We did a piece a couple of days ago about how Lori Lightfoot is in some real political trouble in Chicago.


Her polling is terrible – she’s lost Whites and Hispanics, and the overall mood in the Windy City is that the winds of change need to blow hard in Chi-town.

Now, it’s not easy for an incumbent to lose, but the stars are lining up against Lori, and this could be the perfect storm to oust her.

God knows, Lori is not getting much “love” from the local Chicago press.

Just look at Lori Lightfoot’s face when a reporter, who has balls of steel, by the way, goes through and lists her failures, and then asks her how she has the nerve, basically, to run for reelection after all the harm she’s caused the city.


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My God, I don’t think I’ve seen a reporter nuke a politician like this, ever.

Wow… it’s kind of amazing to see a journalist actually do their job in this day and age, isn’t it?

You can watch the video below:


That was brutal, and of course, out-of-touch Lori doesn’t see things the same way the citizens of her city do, because liberals are pretty much out of touch with everyone.

But just imagine if all reporters asked questions like this, and held politicians accountable for their actions – on the right and left… imagine how much better our politicians would behave in order to avoid a public shellacking like this.

This is why a free and non-political/non-propaganda press is so important, and why not having that throws everything off-kilter.

Let’s face it, I don’t even think Joe Biden grasps how much Americans dislike him and his policies because his reporters are handed pre-approved questions and he just stands there reading answers off his flashcards.



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