[VIDEO] Many Shocked At How Black Congregation Reacts to Lt. Governor of NC’s Bold Words About Trans Movement

[VIDEO] Many Shocked At How Black Congregation Reacts to Lt. Governor of NC’s Bold Words About Trans Movement

Lt Governor NC Mark Robinson is a Republican politician and businessman.


He’s currently serving as the 35th lieutenant governor of North Carolina and he’s the first African-American to hold that office.

Mr. Robinson is very opinionated and has strong convictions. He’s a good Christian man, who recently spoke before a black congregation about the transgender movement.

Many people were very shocked to see the reaction the congregation had regarding the very traditional and bold things Mr. Robinson was saying about the Trans movement.

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But it shouldn’t be that shocking.

Blacks and Hispanics are very conservative when it comes to social issues.

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This is why many people believe that Blacks and Hispanics would be much more comfortable in the Republican Party, which is far more focused on God and family.

The folks at this church in North Carolina, clearly agree with Mr. Robinson’s point of view on the Transgender movement.


You can watch the video below:

It’s definitely becoming increasingly hard for Dems to hang on to the Black vote as they shift more and more to “radical” issues that alienate “traditional/family-focused” groups like Blacks and Hispanics.

Joe Biden is currently hemorrhaging black support. The Hill reported that less than 7-in-10 Black voters (69 percent) support the 46th president. This is significant because more than 9-in-10 Black voters (92 percent) voted for him in 2020.

So, we’re talking about an almost 25-point drop in a relatively short period of time.

I get that Inflation obviously is playing a huge role here, but it’s more than that.


While Black Americans are struggling to make ends meet, Biden and his WH are catering to crazy radical white liberals, by pushing an “X” as a gender option on passports.

God didn’t make an “X” human, and Christians know this — and if you’re pushing this stuff, you will turn off a lot of Christians, and I think that’s at least part of what we’re seeing with the massive drop in Black support.

What Mr. Robinson said is the “quiet” secret being talked about in a lot of black churches right now… and I think it’s a lot more serious of a problem than Dems realize it is.

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