Here’s How Many Years It’d Take to Make Your $$$ Back On An Electric Car if You Save “$80 a Month” on Gas

Here’s How Many Years It’d Take to Make Your $$$ Back On An Electric Car if You Save “$80 a Month” on Gas

Fresh off his Euro-disaster, shaky, bumbling Joe Biden is back to peddling his “Green Garbage Deal” on the American people.


Gas prices are soaring, and instead of doing what President Trump did, making us energy independent, Biden is pretending like we’re at the mercy of Putin, and the only way to get out of this is to spend $60K on an electric car.

Biden, the millionaire elitist, tells Americans to go out and buy a pricey electric car, so they can save $80 bucks a month on gas:


You can’t afford $5 dollar gas, but somehow you can afford a brand new car…

This is how out-of-touch elites think. They’re total idiots.

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But let’s say you went out and bought a brand new electric car so you didn’t have to pay Joe’s high gas prices… how long would it take you to recoup your money if you saved $80 bucks a month on gas?

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Well, reporter Ian Haworth did the math.

Here’s what Ian said: “The average price for an electric car is $56,437. So you’d make your money back after 705 months. That’s over 58 years.”


Here’s what people online are saying:

“This is nothing for Regular Joe, who left the senate ‘the least-wealthy member’ and is now worth millions.”

“This is what wealthy elitists & politicians don’t understand about those of us living in the real world, because they live sheltered from the real world, and have no comprehension of reality. If I struggle to pay for a full tank of gas, how can I afford a new $50K+ automobile?”

“My daughter wanted to buy an electric car & then her Dad did these calculations & she quickly changed her mind.”

“I’m 59 so I could be in the clear right now if I bought an electric car when I was born.”

“That’s not even including the multiple battery packs you’d have to replace LOL” 

Now, some butt-hurt liberals are saying that this math is not correct because you’d have to calculate the premium price you’d pay for an electric vehicle over a comparable gasoline-only vehicle

No, wrong again, libs.

This exercise isn’t talking about people who are buying a new car right now and deciding between a gas or an electric one…


It’s talking about people who have a gas car right now that’s perfectly fine but because gas is expensive, they’d take Joe Biden’s advice and buy an electric car, to save $80 bucks a month.

And as we keep seeing repeatedly, the country and Americans are nowhere near ready for this “green revolution” Dems are trying to strong-arm us into.

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