[VIDEO] Steve Bannon Just Gave Kevin McCarthy TWO Choices Moving Forward…Only TWO

[VIDEO] Steve Bannon Just Gave Kevin McCarthy TWO Choices Moving Forward…Only TWO

Kevin McCarthy is an establishment hack.


I have said for eons now, that we can’t win with McCarthy or McConnell in leadership positions because they’re more interested in working with the left than working with MAGA.

McConnell is worse than McCarthy is, because he’s sneaky, sinister, and is spinning a web of deceit all the time, but McCarthy has no backbone. He’s scared to go full MAGA and scared to be full establishment, so he tries to ride the fence and that’s not working.

Recently, McCarthy was secretly recorded by Liz Cheney, saying he was going to try to get President Trump to resign and saying he’d be impeached over the January 6th nonsense.

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Trump has been very calm about the recordings and said that he and McCarthy still have a good relationship, but Trump’s base is demanding McCarthy’s head on a platter.

Steve Bannon is somewhere in between the two – he’s calm and sees the value in keeping McCarthy, but also understands how the base feels.

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So, he’s come up with two options for McCarthy… only two.

And whatever he picks, he needs to OWN it 100 percent.

Either McCarthy embraces every ounce of MAGA or he sticks with the RINOs and suffers the consequences, but no more of this riding the middle…


You can watch the video below:

In this political environment, there is no “middle ground.”

You can’t ride the fence or have one foot on the RINO side and one foot in MAGA.

McCarthy, if he wants to keep his career, will need to become the biggest MAGA cheerleader in the party.

Every move he makes, every endorsement, and every decision must be made with “America First” at the forefront of his mind… and if he can’t do that, we don’t need him.


He needs us to survive, it’s time Kevin start acting like it.

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