Megyn Kelly Says Fox News Doesn’t Want Chris Wallace Back…She Explains One Reason Why

Megyn Kelly Says Fox News Doesn’t Want Chris Wallace Back…She Explains One Reason Why

I was never a fan of Chris Wallace. Even when I was watching Fox News on the regular, I couldn’t stand Chris Wallace.

Besides the fact that he was always so divisive and nasty, I thought his so-called “hard-hitting” questions were “smoke and mirrors.”


As soon as he had his “victim” on the line, and was ready to reel them in, he’d stop beating them with the question and totally switch gears, and you’d never know the answer to that big “bombshell” question.

He reminded me of a huckster, all show and no real action.

And even though he tried to pretend he was Mr. Impartial, I could tell he was a liberal — especially after President Trump was elected. Chris had Stage 5 TDS and he couldn’t hide it.

I always wondered why Fox kept Chris Wallace, and I dug a few times to see what his ratings were, but I could never find anything.

But now, thanks to Megyn Kelly, we know what was going on with Chris Wallace and his really unpopular show.

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That’s right, according to Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace had the least popular show on all of Fox News, consistently, every single time… and that’s why they don’t want him back.

Western Journal reported that former Fox News anchor and Sirius XM host Megyn Kelly has a warning for Chris Wallace now that he’s left for CNN: Don’t think you’re going to have an easy time of it.

On her Friday show, Kelly related to radio host Buck Sexton that she considered jumping to CNN when she left Fox News, but she ended up pursuing a different path with a daytime show on NBC.

While that failed, Kelly said a defection to CNN would have been even more of a bloodbath, considering the network’s viewership.

And Wallace was never popular ratings-wise at Fox News, either, as Kelly pointed out — he was “in last place, every week, every year, every month, he was always last.”

“In what world is Chris Wallace going to CNN because it’s so ethical and journalistic? I think he’s delusional,” Sexton said.

Kelly noted it hardly mattered anyway since the streaming network has almost no pickup.


“Who is the moron at CNN who actually thought ‘you know what we need with our ratings in the toilet? More of us,’” Kelly said.

“We need more CNN. There’s more appetite for these anchors who no one will watch when it’s free — well ish — in primetime, and they’re gonna pay extra out of their pocket to watch them cook or talk about books or interview people who are about 200 years old.”

However, Wallace was seen as an independent voice from a famous journalistic family — his father was legendary CBS News journalist Mike Wallace — which gave him cache. At CNN, that’s a different story; Wallace acknowledged in the Times interview that many of the viewers on CNN wouldn’t be impressed that he turned his back on Fox, instead holding it against him that he was employed there for so long.


CNN’S hardcore base, who stuck with them when every sane person left, will never accept someone like Chris Wallace.

That would be like Fox News viewers suddenly accepting Juan Williams. And Fox News doesn’t want him back either. He will probably end up a nomad, wandering from place to place trying to find his new “home.” But he never will — Wallace will never regain the respected platform he had on “Fox News Sunday.”


He allowed his TDS to cloud his thinking and he’ll pay for it with his career and reputation.

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