[VIDEO] This Massive Line Of People Waving at President Trump’s Motorcade in MI Sparks One Question…

[VIDEO] This Massive Line Of People Waving at President Trump’s Motorcade in MI Sparks One Question…

Dan Scavino always shares the best images and videos.


And he’s got a great clip from Washington Township, Michigan that he shared.

As you likely know, President Trump held a barn burner of a rally there, and he introduced us to the next GOP superstar… it’s the woman who he’s backing for Secretary of State.

Her name is Kristinia Karamo, and she’s America First through and through and nobody’s going to “cheat” on her watch.

Absolutely amazing

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But the clip Dan shared was actually before the rally.

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The line of people waiting on the side of the road to welcome President Trump to Michigan is awe-inspiring.

It just goes on and on, sparking many to question once again, Joe’s laughable “81-million votes.”

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying:

“Biden can’t get any where near this. President Donald Trump is the man”

“And they want you to believe that Biden and Harris got 81 Million Legal Votes LOL” 

“Was Joe or Kamala in town?? Yeah, right…only one person can draw this crowd!”

“Hey Joe, see what it’s like when you actually work for #Americans and not try to destroy our country.”

“Not surprising and these kinds of scenes must scare the daylights out of the libs.”

And, people still think #Trump lost. Give me a break” 

Look what Americans do just to get a glimpse of President Trump’s car. Never been anything like this. #MAGA


It’s amazing to see this type of support for President Trump, especially in states like Michigan.

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