Trump’s MAGA Candidates Just Humiliated RINOs in Historic Win at Michigan GOP State Convention

Trump’s MAGA Candidates Just Humiliated RINOs in Historic Win at Michigan GOP State Convention

The red wave is coming, but it’s not just coming for Dems, it’s going to take down RINOs, too.


And that’s already happening in Michigan.

Trump has backed some amazing MAGA candidates in the Great Lakes State — and he’s backing where they really matter, too…

Secretary of State, and Attorney General.

As you know, we’ve learned the painful way that local politics can be so much more important than national politics… especially when it comes to Secretary of State and AGs.

And that’s why President Trump is backing Kristina Karamo for Secretary of State, and Matt DePerno for Attorney General… and Trump’s instincts were right because these two just wiped out the RINOs at the GOP State Convention and took the nominations from a bunch of GOP globalists.

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Our friends over at 100 Percent Fed Up did a great story on this. They described what happened as a “historic election,” that wiped out decades of establishment rule.

Boy, we like the sound of that, don’t we?

100 Percent Fed Up went on to say that over 2,000 GOP delegates and alternates gathered together today in Grand Rapids, MI, to cast critical votes for the next Republican Secretary of State and Attorney General candidates for the upcoming general election in November 2022. Both races were highly contentious, with two Trump-endorsed, grassroots election integrity candidates, Kristina Karamo for SOS and Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno. Karamo and DePerno, two grassroots candidates with no political experience and limited campaign funds, ran against career politicians like Tom Leonard, who was showered with money and endorsements from establishment Republicans and anti-America First PAC money.


 Not surprisingly, populist candidate Kristina Karamo walked away with 1344 votes and emerged victorious in her bid to become the next GOP candidate for SOS in Michigan. Her next closest competitor, a sitting MI State Representative Beau LeFave, got 390 votes, and Cindy Berry, a Macomb Co. city clerk, got 267 votes.

They also reported on Matt’s victory, which was a nail-biter, but a blowout nonetheless. Matt ran against the popular former Speaker of the House Tom Leonard and MI State Representative Ryan Berman.

In the first round of voting, DePerno came in just under the 50% threshold needed to win the election on the first ballot. He was forced into a runoff with second-place Leonard after Berman conceded and threw his support behind Leonard. Even with Berman’s delegates getting behind Leonard, he still lost to Trump-endorsed Matt DePerno, who walked away victorious with just under 54% of the vote in the runoff election.

This is amazing news, and I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot more stories like this as primary season ramps up.

It’s important that we beat the Dems, but if we don’t beat these RINOs first, we’ll never win against the left.


The article 100 Percent Fed Up wrote is great, I’d encourage you to head over HERE and read it.

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