The Obama Curse? Woke Netflix Hemorrhaging Customers, Stocks Crashing, They’re in Trouble

The Obama Curse? Woke Netflix Hemorrhaging Customers, Stocks Crashing, They’re in Trouble

Some people think the Obamas are cursed.


Mainly because everything they touch literally turns to sh*t.

Look what happened to the Dem Party when Obama was in the White House. The party was decimated so badly, they’re still trying to recover and regroup, and right when they had almost clawed back, Joe Biden was waiting in the wings to ruin it some more.

So, when the Obamas get involved in something, you can pretty much guarantee that they’ll make out like bandits, but anyone else aligned with them will go down in a ball of flames…

Is that what’s happening right now to Netflix?


The streaming TITAN, who nobody thought could fall, is cratering before our very eyes…. and guess who they got in bed with?

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Yep. The Obamas. 

Breitbart reported that Netflix is facing what I can only describe as a nightmare scenario as customers continue to abandon the far-left streaming entertainment giant in droves, threatening the company’s financial stability.

Shares of Netflix plummeted more than 20 percent in after-hours trading Tuesday after the streamer reported catastrophic results for the first quarter.

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So far this year, Netflix shares are down a staggering 55 percent.

Netflix, which still has a production deal with Barack and Michelle Obama, said it lost 200,000 subscribers for the first quarter of the year — a huge miss for the company, which had expected to add 2.5 million subscribers.

Even more troublesome, leaders are forecasting Netflix will lose a whopping 2 million more subscribers this spring — potentially the largest quarterly loss of customers in its history.

The guidance paints a bleak financial outlook for Netflix, whose main revenue stream is paying customers.

In a letter to investors, Netflix blamed password sharing and increased competition from other streamers including Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video for what it euphemistically called “revenue growth headwinds.”

Of course, Netflix didn’t mention all their “woke” programming and progressive politics as a reason people are leaving by the boatload.

And while that may not be the only reason, I guarantee you it’s part of it.


Streaming companies should focus on creating exciting, interesting content, not pushing a political or sexual ideology.

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