[VIDEO] With Gas Prices Soaring, Bad Guys Have Come Up With Clever New Scheme to Rip You Off

[VIDEO] With Gas Prices Soaring, Bad Guys Have Come Up With Clever New Scheme to Rip You Off

Heads up, everyone. With gas prices soaring, thanks to Joe Biden, the new schemes are popping up everywhere.

And this new one is very sneaky and can catch anyone who’s unsuspecting.


Many people are standing at the pump, filling up their gas tank, only to realize no gas made it into their tank.

Hers’s how it works:

Two drivers pull up to a gas station. The men jump out and quickly swap the nozzles. One man drives away, while the other waits for an unsuspecting victim.

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The victim pulls up and starts pumping gas; the conman starts his meter too and counted on the victim to not notice they’re paying for his gas.

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Evil genius.

Police are asking people to take a moment and just make sure the hose you’re about to use is connected to the correct pump.


You can watch the video below:

Also, authorities say a simple way to protect yourself is to start and stop the pump and check the meter…


If it stops when you do, then you can keep going.

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