New York Times Just Warned Their Readers: MAGA Hasn’t Gotten Weaker… It’s Actually Stronger, And Here’s Why

New York Times Just Warned Their Readers: MAGA Hasn’t Gotten Weaker… It’s Actually Stronger, And Here’s Why

The globalist’s plan was to erase President Trump from social media and attack his supporters as “insurrectionists” and eventually, the MAGA movement will just fade away.


How could it keep going without Trump on social media or mainstream media?

This was their plan, and they really thought it would work… and boy, were they wrong.

Not only did it not work, it actually backfired and the MAGA/America First movement is even stronger than ever.

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So much so, that The New York Times is now “warning” their readers about it, and they’ve figured out why MAGA is stronger than ever before, and it’s interesting and spot-on.

Breitbart reported that The New York Times on Tuesday warned its readers the America First movement has an intellectual backbone that will dominate politics for years to come.

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Written by Thomas B. Edsall, the op-ed, titled “With or Without Trump, the MAGA Movement Is the Future of the Republican Party,” acknowledged Donald Trump has “unleashed” the Republican Party into a new era of politics, one that “shows no real sign of abating” due to deep thinkers on the right.


The article admitted Trump’s America First movement has “not lost momentum” since he left office and will continue to shape the future of politics not just in 2022, but through 2024. Democrats will no longer have an endless supply of establishment and “low energy” Republicans with whom to contend.

“The primal forces unleashed by Trump have not lost momentum. Whoever ends up as the Republican Party nominee in 2024 — whether it is Trump himself or one of the other contenders — will be under pressure to continue the abandonment of principle,” the article said. “Whether Trumpism is more powerful with Trump or without him is still an open question, but the MAGA movement shows no real sign of abating.”


Basically, what the New York Times fears most is that pro-Trump conservatives have successfully created an “academic alternative” with deep thinkers who can think past MAGA slogans and form legitimate America First policies.

So, it’s not a fluke. This is a strong and lasting political movement, and nothing on this earth scares globalists more than a nationalist/populist movement, especially one they miscalculated and misread for so long.

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