[VIDEO] Fox News Asks New Yorker to Name One Good Thing Biden’s Done, And His Response is Legendary

[VIDEO] Fox News Asks New Yorker to Name One Good Thing Biden’s Done, And His Response is Legendary

Piers Morgan is back, and now he’s on Fox News, and he recently hit the very liberal streets of New York City to find out what “good” stuff Biden has done.


Sounds easy enough in a liberal city like Manhattan, right?

Well, wrong.

Ater all, this is Bumbling Joe Biden we’re talking about…

Turns out the one guy they asked, had the best response ever.

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Most of the time when we see someone ask for something “good” Joe Biden’s done, we get a bunch of blank stares and crickets chirping… but not this time.

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This guy had the perfect response…

He “stayed awake.”

Ha ha ha ha… Ouch.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“As a mother of two kids I have battled a lot with my financial state to the point of begging from friends just to survive thanks to Joe Biden” 

“Actually, sir, we’d be better off if he was sleeping!!”

“The people who voted for this vegetable were clearly NOT awake” 

“I feel like we’re safer when he’s napping.” 

“When you lose NYC you know you’re in big trouble” 

“Sometimes you have to lose what you had to realize how good you had it, and that’s happening right now in America. #Trump2024” 

“I commend this guy for thinking of one thing Joe’s done good, I would have come up empty” 

“Honestly, that really is the biggest thing Joe’s accomplished since his installation” 

“I don’t think Sleepy Joe is ever fully awake.” 

What this man said, really says a lot about how the country sees and feels about Joe Biden.

They see him as a feeble-minded old man who can’t handle the job.

And that’s why Biden’s poll numbers are so bad.


We can all see what’s happening, even though the media and Dems think ignoring the issue will make it go away.

It won’t — he’s getting worse.


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