Watch: 8-Year-Old Clip Resurfaces of Obama Laughing His Butt Off at Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline 

Watch: 8-Year-Old Clip Resurfaces of Obama Laughing His Butt Off at Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline 

Joe Biden has been a laughingstock and a joke his entire career.


Nobody and I mean NOBODY has ever taken Biden seriously. He’s always been the “gaffe machine,” and the bozo who walked around with his foot perpetually stuck in his mouth.

Biden suffered from brain aneurysms. Back in the late 80s he actually had two surgeries on his brain.

Many believe that’s where a lot of his early “gaffes” came into play, even though doctors claim he suffered no impact at all… oh please, his doctors would say he was “fine” even if his brains were falling out of his head.

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Now, as Biden has gotten older, his cognitive issues, which were once widely laughed about, are now so bad, that it looks and feels as if he has full-blown Alzheimer’s.

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is kinda like Harvey Weinstein’s abuse in Holywood… Everyone in DC knew about it and joked about it, and now, when it matters most, they pretend like it doesn’t exist.

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That’s what this 2014 video clip from the WH Correspondents dinner reveals.

Joe Biden’s broken brain is the topic of one joke, and just watch how Barack Obama laughs his butt off over it.


Here’s what former Newsmax host John Cardillo said about the clip: “They mocked Biden’s cognitive decline at the 2014 WH Correspondent’s dinner. It’s been an open “secret” for years.”



Obama has always known Biden was unfit to serve, and it’s all just a big joke to him.

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