Ohio Rallygoers Advised Not To Attend President Donald Trump Saturday Event Over JD Vance Endorsement?

Ohio Rallygoers Advised Not To Attend President Donald Trump Saturday Event Over JD Vance Endorsement?

To protest former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of Jesse D. Vance, a conservative Ohio non-profit has called on Republicans in the state to abstain from attending his upcoming rally.

Saturday, just before the May 3 primary for the Republican nomination for a replacement for outgoing Sen. Rob Portman, Trump will make an appearance in Delaware, Ohio (R-OH). Candidates like Josh Mandel, Mike Gibbons, Jane Timken, and Vance have been battling it out in the primary.

Former President Trump acknowledged that Vance had made disparaging remarks about him prior to that time. As for Portman’s seat, he said that Vance is best for the GOP.

Trump’s endorsement of JD Vance has divided the country ahead of next month’s elections. In response to Trump’s endorsement of Vance on Thursday, the Ohio Value Voters group asked Republicans to “boycott” his Saturday rally.

Reports have surfaced that many local conservatives in Ohio wanted Trump to stay out of the race, but he ended up endorsing Vance last week, much to their dismay.

Trump’s rally in Delaware County on Saturday, April 23rd, is being boycotted by Ohio Value Voters (OVV). However, if you decide to attend, let President Trump know that JD Vance is Wrong for Ohio if he introduces him,” the group stated in its statement. It’s perfectly acceptable to make a booing noise!

“This can only be attributed to very poor advice from people who were close to the former President,” the group said. “Many of us in 2016 supported a different presidential candidate than Donald Trump when the primary season began. The vile and derogatory remarks about Donald Trump, however, were not used by anyone at the time as JD Vance

Toward the end of the meeting, the group shared Vance’s thoughts on Trump from 2016 and 2017.

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Since Trump’s election, Vance has referred to him as a “idiot” and a “racist.”

Do you think rallygoers will choose not to attend?



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