Panic Setting in as Pennsylvania Voters Dump Democrats in MASSIVE Numbers

Panic Setting in as Pennsylvania Voters Dump Democrats in MASSIVE Numbers

You can feel the winds of change in the air, can’t you? You can actually feel the day of reckoning approaching… it’s been two brutal, fraudulent years in the making for American voters to get their first real taste of political revenge against the party that we all know cheated their way into the White House.


Well, the bill for that bold move is coming due, and it’s not gonna be pretty.

The 2022 midterms are going to be a political bloodbath. The country is still seething mad over 2020, not to mention the disgust over the inept way this fraudulent admin has been punishing Americans with an “Alzheimer’s president” and the communist new world order, that nobody wanted or voted for.

Yes, the political revenge will be sweet, and there are signs all over the place that it’s going to be epic as well.

Just look at what’s happening right now in PA.

Bizpacreview reported that leftists are reportedly dumping their party affiliation in Pennsylvania and joining the GOP ahead of the 2022 midterms as four times the number of former Democrats are registering as Republicans in what many see as a bellwether battleground state.

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Panic is beginning to set in for Democrats as data coming out of the Pennsylvania State Department indicates a massive conversion of Democrats to the Republican Party in the state. That is the opposite trend of last year when President Joe Biden took office.

“I just got fed up and just felt like there has to be a better way,” asserted Beth Jones, 48, a retired Philadelphia police officer who registered as a Republican in March, ending her three-decade affiliation with the Democratic Party, according to Reuters.

With a number of heated statewide elections on the horizon, everything is at stake for the political parties as a Senate race could give control of the chamber to the Republicans.

The Party affiliation switch is a very bad sign for Democrats and shows rising dissatisfaction with Biden and the Democratic progressive agenda. The conversion rate in Pennsylvania is the highest in the nation in the last ten years, Reuters reports.


Currently, Democrats hold the majority in the state by over half a million registered voters. There are four million registered Democrats in Pennsylvania compared to 3.4 million Republicans. But that is changing in a massive way and fast as inflation bites and progressive policies strangle Americans with taxes, regulations, and higher prices.

The seats that are up for grabs in 2022 are reportedly trending Republican.

Data shows that many black voters in PA are joining the Republican Party — a pattern that they’re seeing in other states as well.

When Republicans take over the House and Senate, Biden will become even more of a lame-duck “president” than he already is… and he’ll also be impeached…


So make sure you get out and vote! Let’s make 2022 the year we remove at least one of the cheaters from the White House.

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